Highlights of the Latest Release of CDM+ Church Management Software


Major Upgrades to CDM+ for Desktop, Mobile, and Web 

An Integrated Church Management Solution Combining the Best of All Computing Environments

Easier searching, more responsive report layouts, a more mobile-friendly online registration tool, and support for CDM+ Mobile push notifications are among the most popular new features in the latest version of CDM+ church management software.

Top New Features in CDM+ 10.1
Watch Our "What's New in 10.1?" Video - Here


CDM+ 10.1 builds on the new window and report designs introduced last fall in CDM+ 10.0.

  • Smart windows with multiple filtering layer options
  • Smart reports that are responsive in layout 
  • Brand your communications by adding logos to almost any report in CDM+
  • Identify any phone number within a family as the “Primary” phone
  • Update phones and emails for any family member from the address or individual tab
  • Easily find on emails and display them on the results list of the window
  • Easily move groups to any different group type in two steps
  • Reset ownerships to custom listings and saved searches
  • CDM+ 10.1.3 and later is fully compatible with Apple's newest operating system, macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Supports new features in CDM+ Mobile 2.0 and CDM+ Mobile 2.1
  • Free via web download for CDM+ Premier Support subscribers

For a more complete list, see What's New in CDM+ 10.1


The CDM+ Mobile app, free to CDM+ users who access their data remotely through our secure Cloud hosting service, lets staff and leaders connect with families and individuals, view notes and reminders, take attendance, and more using their mobile devices. Now with CDM+ 10.1 and Mobile 2.1, you can:

  • Schedule and receive push notifications for reminders - for yourself or for others on your team
  • Update contact and key information from your mobile device
  • See who created a visitation record, edit visitation records created by others, change the ownership of visitation records - helping your team collaborate and make sure no one falls through the cracks
  • If your device uses facial or touch recognition, use those biometrics to log into CDM+ Mobile 2.1


Engage is a growing suite of mobile-friendly tools to help you manage group communications, publish online directories, accept online gifts, and much more. New in CDM+ 10.1 and Engage:  

  • Allow non-members to create accounts in Engage Giving
  • Individuals in your database will be able to update contact and key information (scheduled for later in 2017)
  • Employees will enjoy the updated features in Engage Payroll  


Our Web Ministry Tools (WMTs) let your website visitors view and securely interact with information you manage in CDM+.

  • Create multiple logins with different levels of access to empower your team with tools they need to foster connections online  
  • Redesigned Event Registration tool is more responsive on mobile devices and offers new options for accepting online payments (requires 10.1.3 or later)


Download CDM+ 10.0

Frequently Asked Questions about Upgrading to CDM+ 10.1

What is the process to upgrade to CDM+ 10.1?

CDM+ 10.1 requires a full installer, available at the CDM+ Downloads page on this site. Before you begin, we recommend that you:

  • Check to be sure all your computers running CDM+ meet the system requirements for CDM+ 10.1. 
  • Consult the CDM+ 10.1 Installation Guide for additional information about installing this upgrade on your server and client computers and connecting to your CDM+ database.

Installing CDM+ 10.1 will remove your previous version of CDM+ from your computer. You will need to run the CDM+ 10.1  installer on all computers using CDM+.

Please be sure to enable the Web Update check in CDM+ to be prompted for updates as they become available. 

How much does the CDM+ 10.1 upgrade cost?

CDM+ 10.1 is a free upgrade for CDM+ users who are enrolled in our Premier Support program. The latest version of CDM+ Mobile is also free with your Data Hosting enrollment. For more information about CDM+ new releases, Premier Support, or Data Hosting, call 877-891-4236 or email sales@cdmplus.com.

How do I know if we're enrolled in Premier Support? 

If you're a CDM+ SAAS user, Premier Support - including all updates and upgrades - is automatically included with your subscription. Still not sure? Call 877-891-4236 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-6:00 pm Eastern time, and someone will be happy to look up your record.

How much does Premier Support cost?

The annual Premier Support fee is included in the monthly CDM+ SAAS (Software-As-A-Service) fee. For users with a traditonal CDM+ license, the fee varies according to your CDM+ suite configuration (number of programs & number of user licenses). Call 877-891-4236 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm Eastern time or e-mail sales@cdmplus.com for your cost.

What about data conversion & upgrade support?

We provide instructions for database conversion from CDM+ 8.2 and later to 10.1, but you may choose to have CDM+ staff perform the conversion instead at no extra charge.

Conversions of data from CDM+ versions prior to 8.2 must be performed by our staff. Contact our Customer Service department at 800-633-9581 to schedule a data conversion from CDM+ 8.1 or earlier.

Have the System Requirements changed for CDM+ 10.1?

Yes. We strongly recommend that before starting the upgrade process, you first check that all your computers running CDM+ meet the current system requirementsPlease note that Windows XP, Windows Vista, and macOS versions prior to 10.9 are NOT supported.