CDM+ 10.2 Upgrade includes a new version of Suran Server, the ability to manage member's online giving from within CDM+ and over 200 bug fixes and refinements!


Self-Hosted Users must start the CDM+10.2 installation process on their server computer.

Server computers must meet the system requirements to run CDM+ 10.2.


About the CDM+ 10.2 Upgrade

CDM+ 10.2 is a major upgrade to CDM+. It's especially major for our self-hosted users because it requires them to update their Suran Server, the software that provides access to CDM+ databases. It has been a while since we required a Database Server upgrade and hope the information on this page will help make your upgrade as smooth as possible. This upgrade to Suran Server provides improvements in performance, security, and reliability. In addition, it lays the groundwork for future desired development.

Please know that CDM+ 10.2 is not backward compatible with previous versions of Suran Server. Once you install CDM+ 10.2 on your computers, you must upgrade Suran Server version 4 before you can access your data.

What do you need to do?

Any user on support automatically is eligible for the upgrade to CDM+ 10.2. If you're not on support, contact Customer Service to enroll or purchase a stand-alone upgrade to CDM+ 10.2.

Data Hosting Users

  • Check to see what version of CDM+ you're currently running.
  • If you are running CDM+ 10.1.6 or higher, log into CDM+ and choose Update from the File menu.
  • If you are on CDM+ 10.1.5 or lower, download a full installer for CDM+ 10.2 from our download site.
  • The installation process for hosted users is like previous upgrades. You will install the application and then update all of your databases.

Self-Hosted Users

  • You must BEGIN the installation process on your server computer. This is the computer where your data is stored.
  • Ensure that your server computer meets the system requirements.
  • Begin the installation process by downloading and installing the full installer from the CDM+ download site.
  • When the installation of the program is complete, open CDM+. At the login screen, click the 'Upgrade Server' button and follow the prompts.
  • CDM+ will begin by activating your ownership of 10.2.
  • It will then backup all of your databases.
  • It will then install the new version of Suran Server.
  • With the new Suran Server installed, CDM+ will restore all of your databases and connect to the last database used.
  • Update the database as usual. Remember to update all of your databases.
  • Now, you can install CDM+ 10.2 on the rest of the computers in your office.

Things to Know

A self-hosted user is one who is running and maintaining the Database Server (Suran Server) on a computer at the church. In the case of CDM+ 10.2, an upgrade to the Database Server (Suran Server) is required during installation.

Self-hosted users must begin the CDM+ 10.2 installation at the server because it requires an upgrade to the Database Server. A Client computer cannot upgrade the Database Server.

No, you do not need to do any archiving before upgrading to CDM+ 10.2.

Although backing up is always a good practice, there is no need to back up your databases before upgrading the Database Server this time. The first step of the installation process will back up all of your databases.

Installation time of the Database Server is difficult to estimate because it depends on several factors like:

  • the number of databases,
  • the size of the databases,
  • the speed of your computer, etc.
Patience is the key during this installation.


Yes, you will need Administrative rights to the server.

Yes, the person doing the installation will need administrative rights to CDM+.

Upgrading is up to you, but we highly recommend it. We suggest you read the blog post on why you need to update and the post on the difference between updating and upgrading.

You can only move back if you have upgraded your server but not yet updated your databases. If you have upgraded your server and NOT updated your databases call Technical Support for help reverting back to your previous version. If you have not upgraded your server, uninstall CDM+ 10.2 and install your previous version to access your data.

You will see a message on the client indicating you will need to go to the server and update the Database Server. You will be unable to access your data until you complete the server upgrade.

Uninstall CDM+ 10.2 on your client and install your previous version of CDM+. You can then log into CDM+ and work normally until you can arrange a time to access the server and complete the upgrade.

You can begin using CDM+ 10.2 on a new server by first making backup copies of ALL of your databases on your old computer. Now move to the new server. Download and install CDM+ 10.2 on the new server. When you open CDM+ for the first time, it will prompt you to walk through the Setup Assistant. Use the option 'Restore a CDM+ backup' and follow the prompts to install the Database Server and restore your database. When you complete this initial process, remember to go to Database Browser and restore the rest of your databases.

In this case you are both the client and the server. When you launch CDM+ 10.2, you'll be prompted to upgrade the server on your computer. Follow the steps above under Self-Hosted Users to complete the upgrade.