Next CDM+ Users Conference
November 5-7, 2018 * Columbus, Ohio


The Suran 2017 Annual CDM+ Users Conference was held September 11-13 in Nashville, Tennessee. We recap the event in the October issue of The CDM+ Connection, a newsletter for users of CDM+ Software. 2017 Users Conference Recap


Beyond Learning, the Annual CDM+ Users Conference Promotes Understanding

The Users Conference is the most comprehensive CDM+ training event we offer, offering more than 70 class sessions and courses covering every aspect of CDM+ church management software. These classes provide a range of beginner, intermediate, and advanced instruction in every aspect of CDM+ for every role within your organization, and specialized tracks are designed to help you create a conference experience that suits your needs.

This event is also our opportunity to showcase new technologies, share real-world experiences of ministry leaders using CDM+ to turn challenges into opportunities, and solicit your input on future development. 

Take a look at the Class Descriptions for an idea of the wide range of subjects covered, and check out the 2017 Schedule and Suggested Tracks for see how attendees can customize a conference experience to fit their role and level of expertise.

Build Your Network of CDM+ Resources

With classes led by CDM+ staff including developers, you'll will

  • train on the latest version
  • get a thorough introduction to new features
  • preview coming developments in CDM+
  • see parts of the software you may not be using or may not be using to its fullest extent

The computer lab is available for one-on-one help, and other users are a great source of encouragement and helpful advice, during and after the conference.

No other training we offer can compare in terms of:

  • number of class choices -- every attendee customizes their own experience
  • variety for every level of expertise, from beginner to advanced
  • valuable insights for every position on your ministerial or management team
  • chance to learn from CDM+ developers, support techs, and power users who share their real-world experiences
  • first look at the latest enhancements in CDM+, CDM+ Mobile and Web Ministry Tools
  • ability to leave the office behind and just focus