CDM+ 9.2 adds many important features to CDM+ itself (your desktop/laptop version), as well as support for exciting developments in the CDM+ Mobile app and Web Ministry Tools. CDM+ 9.2 was released November 20, 2013. Enhancements to CDM+ Mobile and Web Ministry Tools followed.

Top New Features in CDM+ 9.2

  • Other Information sets that can be categorized and locked
  • the ability to group Event Registration Activities for easy access
  • full implementation of CDM+ notices in Event Registration reports

    (as they are in Membership, Attendance, Contributions and other programs)
  • significant enhancements to and support of CDM+ Payroll software

What Is the Process to Upgrade to CDM+ 9.2?
How Much Does CDM+ 9.2 Cost?
What are the System Requirements?

More About Payroll in CDM+ 9.2

We are pleased to announce that in partnership with Aatrix, a third party provider of payroll forms and services, users of CDM+ 9.2 will be able to print and e-file federal and state payroll forms (e-filing of W-2s is FREE; e-filing of other tax forms is available for a fee). Version 9.2 also auto-updates any federal or state tax table changes. These changes ensure that payroll produced in CDM+ is always calculated with the right tax liabilities and filed with the correct forms.

Other Important Features of CDM+ 9.2

Exciting Developments in CDM+ Mobile and Web Ministry Tools

  • CDM+ Mobile now includes Check-In/Check-Out, Visitation and Pastoral record entering/viewing and is available for both Android™ devices and Apple iOS devices
  • the Basic Web Ministry Toolkit has a Monthly Calendar Tool for viewing events in your CDM+ Roommate program online!

    NOTE! CDM+ System Requirements have changed. Please check that ALL computers running CDM+ meet them before beginning the CDM+ 9.2 upgrade.