Frequently Asked Questions about Upgrading to CDM+ 9.2

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What is the process to upgrade to CDM+ 9.2?

  • Check to be sure all your computers running CDM+ meet the system requirements for CDM+ 9.2. If your computer is more than a few years old, you should not just assume CDM+ 9.2 will work on it.
  • Go to the Upgrade page on this site and look for your current CDM+ version.
  • Click on the appropriate version number to (1) verify that you have access to CDM+ 9.2 and (2) see the basic steps to upgrade. (Links to more detailed instructions are on the download page.)
  • When you are ready to upgrade, click on the link found there for the CDM+ 9.2 download page.
  • Click on either "Mac OS X" or "Windows" to download the CDM+ 9.2 installer for the operating system on each and every computer running CDM+. CDM+ 9.2 will NOT automatically install on your computer just because someone else upgraded your database.
  • When the download is complete, double-click on the CDM+ 9.2 installer you just downloaded ("cdm92.dmg" for Macs or "cdm92.exe" for Windows) and follow the on-screen instructions.


  1. You must download and install CDM+ 9.2 on all computers running CDM+.
  2. Upgrading your database does not trigger an automatic update of other installations of CDM+. If you attempt to connect to a CDM+ 9.2 database with a version of CDM+ earlier than 9.2, you will get an error message that you don't meet the minimum requirements. The minimum requirements are CDM+ 9.2 installed on your computer. Follow the directions above and install CDM+ 9.2.

How much does the CDM+ 9.2 upgrade cost?

CDM+ 9.2 is free via download to all users enrolled in the annual CDM+ Premier Support program at the time of download. In fact, all upgrades and updates to CDM+ are free via download as a benefit of Premier Support.

How do I know if we're enrolled in Premier Support?
Call 877-891-4236 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-6:00 pm Eastern time, and someone will be happy to look up your record.

How much does Premier Support cost?
The annual Premier Support fee varies according to your CDM+ suite configuration (number of programs & number of user licenses). Call 877-891-4236 Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:00 pm Eastern time or e-mail for your cost.

What about data conversion & upgrade support?
We provide detailed instructions for database conversion from CDM+ 8.1 and later to 9.2, but you may choose to have CDM+ staff perform the conversion instead at no extra charge. Conversion of data from CDM+ versions prior to 8.2 must be performed by our staff. Contact our Customer Service department at 800-633-9581 to schedule data conversion.

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Have the System Requirements changed for CDM+ 9.2?

Yes! Do not start the upgrade process without first checking that all your computers running CDM+ meet the current system requirements.

Are there any changes to CDM+ 9.2 Payroll that affect my 2013 payroll reports?

Do I have to upgrade to CDM+ 9.2 before the end of 2013 to generate my 4th Quarter 941 and 2013 W-2 payroll forms?

Although we strongly recommend you upgrade to CDM+ 9.2, CDM+ 9.1r19 will generate 2013 Fourth Quarter 941 and 2013 W-2 forms. These will be the final federal tax forms supported in any version prior to CDM+ 9.2.

Will I be able to upgrade my payroll tax tables for 2014 without upgrading to CDM+ 9.2?

A final tax table will be available for download in CDM+ 9.1r19 at the end of 2013 for any 2014 federal and state tax changes that do not require a program update. Sometimes payroll tax changes require changes to the CDM+ program code in addition to updating the tax table information. If your state or the federal government makes such changes for 2014, you will have to upgrade to CDM+ 9.2 for payroll to calculate properly.

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I need to generate payroll for 2014 in 2013. I am aware there are new tax rates that go into effect in 2014. How will CDM+ 9.2 handle this?

Beginning with CDM+ 9.2, tax table information in CDM+ will have an effective date range. Once we are notified of any tax changes and have made the necessary adjustments, your tax tables will be automatically updated. CDM+ will determine which tax tables to use when you calculate payroll based on the date paid.

Why do I need to enter a beginning payroll period date and date paid when calculating payroll in CDM+ 9.2?

The beginning and ending period dates are required to complete line 1 of the IRS Form 941 and some state and local tax reports. All tax liabilities are based on date paid, NOT period ending date. Therefore, for CDM+ to know which tax tables to use you must provide the date paid at the time of calculation. Beginning with CDM+ 9.2, both payroll checks and auto-draw entries will be queued from date paid only, and not from period date.

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I’ve been running all of my payroll reports, 941 and W-2s based on payroll period date. Will I have a problem with my tax liabilities after upgrading to CDM+ 9.2?

Yes, it is possible! If you generated payroll period dates in 2012 and paid them in 2013 or paid 2013 period dates in 2012, you will have a problem. Also, if you had the same situation for your 2013 3rd quarter 941 (i.e., you generated payroll period dates in September and paid them in October or paid October payroll period dates in September), you will have a problem. Since CDM+ 9.2 will complete all tax forms and liabilities on date paid, you may find yourself under-reporting or over-reporting taxes on your first 941 or W-2 generated in CDM+ 9.2. Click here for tips to help isolate this problem. You have several options to get it corrected and prevent a penalty from the IRS. We encourage you to contact our technical support team immediately if you think this pertains to you. If it does, we suggest you wait to upgrade to CDM+ 9.2 until after you have discussed your situation with a CDM+ Support Technician.

Since CDM+ 9.2 Payroll requires Premier Support, how does CDM+ know we're currently enrolled?

Once per day, when you access a Calculate Payroll function, Tax Tables, tax forms or the View Payroll window, CDM+ will check your account to make sure you are currently enrolled in support. If you are not connected to the Internet at that time, a warning message will appear notifying you that you may be producing inaccurate payroll. You may acknowledge this message and continue, if necessary. CDM+ will note in its payroll logs that you acknowledged receiving the warning and chose to proceed.

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Will CDM+ Payroll tell me if my support is about to expire or has expired?

Yes. When CDM+ checks your account record on our servers it also looks at your support expiration date. You will get a message in CDM+ if your support enrollment is going to expire within 45 days. If your support membership has expired, you will have 30 days to renew your enrollment. During that 30-day grace period you will be able to generate payroll. After 30 days the Calculate Payroll functions and access to tax forms will be disabled. Support renewal notices are sent beginning 45 days prior to your program expiration date.

If my support has expired and it is past the 30-day grace period how long will it take to activate payroll functions after I renew my support?

Once we have received your support payment, either by mail or over the phone, payroll functions will be automatically restored. You will simply need to logout of CDM+ and come back into the program.

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Is there a way for my CDM+ Support membership to automatically renew so I am never without payroll functions?

Yes, we have options to have your support automatically renew annually or monthly. Please contact our Customer Service Department (800-633-9581 or to make arrangements.

I see Payroll on my Accounting menu, but we don't use it. Do I have to pay the extra support fee?

No. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-633-9581 or prior to your next support payment so we can update your record and turn off the payroll function in your copy of CDM+. This will prevent an increase in your support costs. Please note, however, that if you do want to use our payroll services in the future, you will need to be enrolled in CDM+ Premier Support and pay the additional payroll support cost.

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Will upgrading to CDM+ 9.2 affect my Web Ministry Tools?

Possibly… if you have one or more active Event Registration Tools on your website. In CDM+ 9.2, the Event Registration program has the same type of Notices under the Reports menu as in other CDM+ programs. After upgrading to CDM+ 9.2, any notices that you had previously entered on Event Records will now be found there. NOTE! After upgrading to CDM+ 9.2, you must reselect the confirmation email on the Options page of your Event Registration Tools so they again automatically send when someone completes an online registration. NOTE: Event Registration Tools are the only type of tools impacted by this change.

How do I get the new Monthly Calendar Web Ministry Tool?

With the December 10, 2013 upgrade release, anyone who has the Basic Web Ministry Toolkit AND the Roommate program in their CDM+ suite, has the new Monthly Calendar view tool available at no additional cost. Just like the existing Event Listing Tool, Monthly Calendar Web Ministry Tools pull their data from the CDM+ Roommate program. If you don’t have Roommate active on your menu or welcome window and would like to be able to easily publish dynamic, calendars on your website, please contact the CDM+ Sales Department at 877-891-4236 for more information or to order.

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Will my Tools still work if I DON't upgrade to CDM+ 9.2?

No! If you don’t upgrade to 9.2, any tools you have on your website—include online Giving Tools—will not work properly. CDM+ 9.2 adds a third address line throughout the program and after the 12/10/13 upgrade, your Web Ministry Tools expect it to be there. All CDM+ Web Ministry Tools now REQUIRE CDM+ 9.2.

Does upgrading to CDM+ 9.2 impact using CDM+ Mobile?

Yes! An upgrade to CDM+ Mobile released 12/10/13 requires CDM+ 9.2 to be able to connect to your hosted CDM+ database.
Visit the CDM+ Mobile app section of our website to learn more about exciting additions in the latest release: the long-awaited CDM+ Mobile app version for Android™ devices AND a Check-In feature for hosted CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out program users. The new version of CDM+ Mobile (both for Android and Apple iOS) requires that you run CDM+ 9.2. Click here for complete system requirements for CDM+ Mobile. Note that Apple iOS requirements have changed.

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