What's a good way to track pledges to a campaign?

Your church is beginning a new building campaign and asking members to pledge. What’s a good way to track the pledges given to this campaign?


First, you need to create a new Giving Fund, which is entered through the Contributions Setup Window.

Once the Giving Fund is created, you are ready to set up the Pledge (or Estimate). Open the Pledges (Estimates) Window by going to Program > Contributions > Pledges (Estimates). Click on the Modify button in the upper right corner of the window. This will open the window where the Pledge Campaign can be created.

Find the Giving Fund you created for this campaign on the list in the first column. To the right of the Giving Fund name, type the name you want to use for this Pledge Campaign (e.g. Building Fund 2009-2010). Enter start and end dates in the next two fields. The last field is optional and lets you include a Goal Amount so that you can compare your actual amount to the desired goal. Next, click Save, and setup of the campaign is complete. You now are ready to enter the received pledges.

For a more detailed explanation with screen shots, click here.