Web Ministry Tools Does the Work for You

Since 1985, CDM+ has helped thousands of church offices to manage the business of the church. Each week, you open CDM+ and enter contributions, schedule events, track changes to your congregation and handle enrollment for events and classes. Putting all this information into CDM+ helps you to be better organized and informed about what’s going on in the life of your church.

But is that enough? Several years ago we asked ourselves that question and decided that CDM+ could do more. We feel that the calendars, membership directories, attendance and contributions information you track in CDM+ can be helpful to your congregation. More importantly, we believe it should be possible for your congregation members, ministers and leaders to use all this information without depending on you to run a report or look up a phone number. We believe CDM+ can further reduce your workload by accepting class and event registrations and even contributions and pledges without requiring you to open a single window or make a single entry into the program.

Thanks to several key technological changes in CDM+ and the proliferation of the Internet, we’re able to make CDM+ do all this and more through a new web-based companion service to CDM+—CDM+ Web Ministry Tools.


CDM+ Web Ministry Tools takes the information you enter in CDM+ and shares it outside the walls of your church office. It does this through “tools”—small, single-purpose utilities you add to your church’s website.

Want to display a list of today’s events on the homepage? Create an event listing tool. Want to create an online directory that only your church members can see? Create a directory tool. For sensitive information such as account balances, phone numbers and e-mail addresses, you can password protect tools so that only authorized individuals in your CDM+ database have access.

CDM+ Web Ministry Tools does more than share information on your website. Tools like the Event Registration Tool are full-featured registration forms with built-in, secure credit card processing. Create an event registration tool for an Easter Bible Study class and members can sign-up, pay for class materials and receive a confirmation automatically without ever contacting the church office. Registrations appear in CDM+ just like you entered them yourself . . . but you don’t need to do anything. CDM+ Web Ministry Tools does the work for you.

We invite you to learn more about CDM+ Web Ministry Tools and see a demo of CDM+ Web Ministry tools in action. Thank you for making CDM+ a partner in your ministry. We’re excited to offer you CDM+ Web Ministry tools!