How do we make sure our contributions reports show only giving in the current year?

We’ve begun a new calendar year. How do we ensure that our contribution reports show only 2010 giving in the “Current Year”?


Create a new Giving History for contributions made in 2009.

Contribution Giving History is a feature available only in CDM+ Contributions Pro. If you use CDM+ Contributions Standard, always use the Date Range Selection and enter the current year beginning date (i.e., 1/1/10) to ensure that you report only 2010 contributions.

The Current Year period referred to in CDM+ Contributions actually represents all giving entered from the ending date of the last created Giving History period.

The Giving History for 2009 should be created only when you are certain that no further entry or correction to 2009 contributions will be made. We suggest waiting until April 15th to create the 2009 Giving History.

Create a Giving History by opening the Update History Window (Program > Contributions > Update History). Click the Add button in the lower left corner. Enter the History Description, such as 2009, and then enter the date range of contributions to include in this history, such as 1.1.09 to 12.31.09. Next select the various giving funds to be included in this Giving History. In most cases, you will select All Giving Funds. Finally, make your desired selection in the checkboxes beneath the giving fund list. Note that both of these default to being checked. We recommend that you UNCHECK the option to “Skip Giving Units with no giving to any fund.” Press Save to begin the process.

This process will take some time to complete and a progress indicator will appear on the screen.

For a more detailed explanation with screen shots, click here.