Emailing Giving Statements Saves Resources and Time

One of the more labor-intensive tasks of the church financial secretary is the distribution of the contribution giving statements. Printing these which sometimes span three pieces of paper, folding, inserting into envelopes, sealing, metering or attaching stamps, dealing with Postal regulations if mailing by discount mail, and finally delivering to the post office all represent a very significant amount of time and resources.

Addressing this, CDM+ Enhanced Notices now adds the capability of emailing giving statements.

Obviously, not all of your members want their giving statements emailed to them or perhaps even have an email address. You determine the statement delivery preference of each giving unit and you must specifically select email as the delivery option. Then, at statement printing time, you paper print the giving statements for all who do NOT want to receive by email. Follow this up with the email printing to those that do want to receive them by email. The paper printing process automatically skips those who have email selected as their delivery preference.

Other givers may want their giving statements emailed to themselves AND to their accountant. The giving unit information window now displays a new tab—Email—which displays all email addresses contained on the associated address record and individual records. You select any email address listed as the address to email giving statements to. You may select more than one address.

The process of emailing giving statements creates two separate pieces—the email message itself and a pdf attachment of the giving statement. The email message process is like any other email notice. You may personalize the message and drop in variable information fields, graphics, signatures and so on. You may even attach another document—perhaps an electronic version of something you will insert into the mailed giving statements envelopes.

Security and confidentiality are major concerns, and Enhanced Notices provides control of these, as well. In the setup of email giving statements, you may select a password which is required to open the pdf giving statement attachment. You may then elect to notify the recipients of this password via a different manner—announcement during service, in the bulletin or another email containing only the password.

As the giving statement email process requires advanced preparation of flagging those giving units to send statements via email and to associate the desired email addresses, plan now as first quarter statement time will soon be upon us. Get step-by-step instructions.