How does Group Online Training work?

I’ve heard about CDM+ Group Online Classes, and I’ve even been told that our church has Training Credits to pay for them. How does Group Online Training work, where can I see the schedule and how do I register?


A trainer teaches Group Online Classes in real time. You see his monitor on your monitor and hear him via a conference call. Classes are small, and you can ask questions at the end of each class.

If you have an Internet connection and have already set up a Username and Password to access the secure part of the CDM+ website, you’re set to view the schedule and register. If you do not have a Username and Password or have forgotten them, call 800-633-9581. Tell the receptionist you need to set up or retrieve your login information for Group Online Training. You will not have to wait for tech support. Note: the Username and Password for Group Online Training may not be the one you use to log in to CDM+.

Once you have your Username and Password, go to and click View Schedule/Register. A User Login screen appears. Type in your Username and Password. Click Login.

The schedule may take a minute to load. It has your church information, the number and type of Training Credits available and a complete list of currently scheduled classes. Click the check box beside each class you want to take. Click Continue.

On the next screen, enter an e-mail address that will not block or Continue the registration process, applying Training Credits or paying for the class(es) with a credit card. When finished, click Process Registration. Wait until you see “Registered” beside your choices before clicking Logout. Do not use your browser’s Back button.

For a more detailed explanation with screen shots, click here.