Put "Vacation" Back into VBS with CDM+ Event Registration

Spring is just around the corner . . . can Vacation Bible School be far behind? Do you find yourself every year dealing with piles of papers, e-mails and spreadsheets and yet never have a good handle on who’s attending and who’s helping? Would you like to invite the neighborhood children that came last year, but have no good way to do it? CDM+ Event Registration can help streamline the process and keep a history of the children who’ve attended and the adults and youth who have helped.

Using the Event Registration program, you create an event such as “Vacation Bible School” and within that event you have the option to set up activities. Obviously, an activity can be the children’s classes or age groups, but don’t stop there! Create an activity for teachers and one for helpers. You can even create activities for various sized T-shirts, including a cost with payment tracking, if you desire.

As you sign up children, teachers and helpers, you first register each for the event and then the applicable activities. You can tie registrants to your CDM+ Membership, creating an entry on the Registration tab of the Individual Record window. But you can also easily register persons who are not in your database. This gives you a permanent record of all VBS attendees that you’ll be able to use as you promote next year’s event. Plus, when VBS rolls around again, you have the option to load the activities from the previous year’s event into a new event record, saving yourself a lot of time.

Using the Event Registration program, you can easily send letter, card or e-mail notices to registrants, print rosters for teachers and name badges with custom graphics.

VBS is just one example using the Event Registration program. Think of all the activities that could benefit from this flexible program—retreats, youth group activities, concerts, congregational dinners and even camps. Learn more about CDM+ Event Registration on our website or download the CDM+ demo to try it for yourself. Put the “vacation” back into VBS by having CDM+ work for you this summer!