Online Giving – Available Now in CDM+!

Suran Systems, Inc is excited to announce the release of an online giving solution that ties directly into CDM+. The Giving Tool is our most recent addition to an expanding complement of tools offered through the CDM+ Web Ministry Tools technology. Web Ministry Tools create points of contact between your church’s website and the information in CDM+.

  The Giving Tool, the latest addition to the CDM+ Web Ministry Toolkit, provides a quick and easy way for anyone to give online.

The Giving Tool provides a quick and easy interface for people to give online to your church’s important ministries, while reducing work in the church office. Anyone—whether a church member or not­­—can make an online gift. In a single transaction, givers can donate to multiple funds, including funds designated as in memory or in honor of someone. The tool automatically enters online gifts in CDM+ Contributions. From there the monies can be easily posted to the CDM+ Accounting program. Easy for the giver and easy for you!

Giving Tool Options provide lots of control over each tool you create. Among other things, you can customize who can give, whether or not to allow anonymous gifts, how receipts are handled and who will be notified when a gift is given.

Options available as you set up each Giving Tool provide a lot of control. Gifts can be given anonymously and/or the tool can restrict gifts to church members only. In addition to an online receipt the giver may print, you can choose to automatically send a follow-up email receipt customizable to the gift made. Automatic email notifications when gifts are given can be sent to one or more people in the church. CDM+ provides a work screen to review all gifts given online to ensure proper handling. The Giving Tool currently allows for a one time gift but plans are in the works to provide the capability for recurring giving and for parishioners to securely access their giving records online.

Suran Systems, Inc. recently partnered with Stewardship Technologies to provide full-featured electronic transactions for all credit and debit cards. For as little as $20 a month and as low as 1.5% per transaction* you can do electronic transactions. Just complete a one page application, provide some supporting documentation, and your church or organization can join the growing trend of accepting online financial transactions. The CDM+ Giving Web Ministry Tool also interfaces with PayPal Business and PaySimple for payment transactions.

The Giving Tool input form is simple and straightforward for givers to complete and submit.

The online Giving tool joins the Event Registration premium tool and Basic tools such as directories, calendaring and statistics as a part of CDM+ Web Ministry Tools. For more information go to or call 877-891-4236.

*Credit card transaction fees are based on the type of card used and the type of transactions. An average of 2.5% per transaction all inclusive of fees is typical but may be more or less depending on the type of transactions received.