User Resources – Where To Go When You Need to Know!

“Where do I go to order checks that work with CDM+?” “Will CDM+ be compatible with our new computer?” “How do I register for Group Online Training?”

The CDM+ technical support team hears these same questions a lot. While they’re always happy to talk to you or respond to your support emails, there’s a much faster way to get answers to these and many other commonly-asked questions—go to and click the User Resources tab.

  The User Resources page, showing: A) the User Resources tab on the main menu bar, B) two locations to link to The CDM+ Connection, and C) the “search this site” field

User Resources is the part of our website that’s just for you, our CDM+ family. Some of the links on User Resources are specific. “2010 Tax Table Update,” for instance, provides instructions for updating tax tables in CDM+, very important information if you use CDM+ Payroll.

Other links, such as “Highlights of the 2009 Annual Users Conference,” are informational. Whether or not you attended the conference, we think you will enjoy the blog and photos found here and hope the Users Conference “snapshot” will inspire you to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity in the future. (Note: 2010 Conference information is now posted on . . . yep, you guessed it . . . User Resources!)

And finally, there’s a unique link here that you may find the most useful of all: the link to The CDM+ Connection. We took a break from publishing new issues of The CDM+ Connection in order to make the main articles from all previous newsletter issues available in html as well as PDF format.

What’s so special about html? It’s searchable! While PDF documents are fine for reading (provided you have Adobe Reader®), they aren’t so handy when you have a question about how to do something in CDM+ and you know it was covered in a newsletter but you can’t remember which issue.

Now that all three of the main articles in each issue—lead article, Q&A and time-saver tip—are in html, the vast amount of content contained in these eighty-plus articles is just as searchable as any other text on

That’s a lot of knowledge at your fingertips. Just how much? Try an experiment. Type a term— “individual record,” for example—in the “search this site” field at the top right corner of any page on our website. Note how many of the search results begin with a date. All results beginning with dates refer to articles from The CDM+ Connection, so all of these results contain information written specifically for YOU, a CDM+ user. In the “individual record” example, 12 of 18 results are from the newsletter. Wow!

The CDM+ Connection still exists in PDF format, and the PDFs do contain some extras such as training schedules, poll questions and interviews with CDM+ staff members or users. Where do you find the PDFs? Each menu link on The CDM+ Connection home page takes you to an issue page, and each issue page contains the three main articles as html and the full issue as a PDF. Where, again, do you find The CDM+ Connection home page?

The User Resources tab opens the door to The CDM+ Connection and lots more! Got a question? Get in the habit of checking User Resources and the site search. You may have your answer in just a few clicks.