Customized CDM+ Training

Perhaps you have just opened your church office toolbox—CDM+—for the first time and scanned the Welcome window. You’re amazed at the variety of ministry tools available but are unsure where to begin. Or, maybe you have used CDM+ for years and know it’s time to go to the next level. Or you’ve been handed an accounting or payroll mess to straighten out. Where do you turn for assistance?

Because CDM+ recognizes that each person learns differently and that each church is unique, we offer a variety of training options for both the novice and the experienced user. We offer classroom training through the Annual Users Conference (Oct. 26-28, 2009 in Louisville, KY), Regional Training Events and Group Online Training classes. But, if your learning style or situation would benefit from a customized, individual approach, consider scheduling an On-site Training Visit or Individualized Online Training sessions.

On-site training brings the experience of a qualified CDM+ staff person to your office for custom training on all aspects of CDM+ at the experience level you need. Individualized Online Training offers an another approach to custom training without the cost of bringing the trainer to you. Maybe you have a unique ministry need or maybe your accounting or payroll records are a mess. Perhaps your CDM+ data could benefit from some “clean-up.” One or more Individual Online Training sessions could be your solution. Individualized training, either on-site or online, is focused on your specific needs and is conducted using your church’s data—a truly custom learning experience.

Individualized training can be as narrow or as broad as you need. For example, last week a CDM+ trainer conducted a two-hour session focusing just on report setup and Advanced Finds. Earlier this year a new CDM+ user decided to schedule a series of Individual Online sessions for comprehensive training on Membership, Contributions, Accounting, Payroll and Event Registration. After creating an incremental training plan, the trainer viewed the users’ screen during each session and guided them through setup and basic training of the selected area of CDM+. At the end of each session the trainer gave a work “assignment.” During the next session he reviewed the completed work, answered questions and gave further explanations as needed. The church staff progressed through the CDM+ programs and declared the training “very productive and cost effective.”

For more information or to schedule Individualized Online Training or an On-site Visit, please contact the CDM+ training team at or call 800-633-9581. Individualized training can help you get the maximum benefits from the ministry tools in your CDM+ toolbox.