Have you seen what Enhanced Notices can do for you?

December 10, 2008

First Church

123 N. Poplar St.

Big City, KY 12345

We are honored and pleased to serve the church management software needs of First
Church, Big City, KY
. CDM+ continues to grow to meet the changing needs of its users,
and we recently released several new products—including Enhanced Notices, a
powerful word processor added to all your CDM+ notices.

With CDM+ Enhanced Notices, you can create professional and attractive documents
with a personal touch. You can create a letter just like this one in CDM+ Enhanced Notices—no data
merge or export needed!

The word processor is easy to navigate and allows you to manipulate content, including:

  • Changing the font, size, style, alignment, color, etc.
  • Setting tabs and indentations
  • Creating bulleted lists (like this one)
  • Spell-checking with an optional custom dictionary
  • Incorporating CDM+ database fields with a simple drag and drop

You also have capabilities to add pictures and graphics, like these:


Additionally, CDM+ Enhanced Notices gives you the capability to print ANY CDM+ report to PDF, allowing you to share important information electronically with virtually anyone.

We hope that exploring Enhanced Notices will help you enhance your ministry, as well. For more information about this powerful CDM+ feature, call 877-891-4236 or visit
CDM+ Enhanced Notices.


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