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NOW AVAILABLE: CDM+ 10.1 with Smart Windows, Smart Reports, and Enhanced Tools for Connecting with Your Online Community

CDM+ 10.1 is the newest, the fastest and the most comprehensive version of the software churches have relied on for 30 years to collect, organize and share information easily. Like all CDM+ updates and upgrades, CDM+ 10.1 is free to Premier Support users. Learn more about CDM+ 10.1

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The CDM+ Connection newsletter

Read the October newsletter, featuring:

In the September issue:

  • CDM+ Mobile 2.0 adds push notifications and the ability to edit contact information from your mobile device 
  • User Accounts in WMT and Engage let you create multiple logins with varying levels of access to put the right tools in the hands of the right people to publish dynamic content on your web site - Watch video
  • Smart windows in CDM+ 10.1 - new filtering options make it easier than ever to find just the information you're looking for
  • Group Online Training - Fall 2017 classes announced - See the schedule

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  • CDM+ 10.1 released in August, 2017 – smarter windows, more responsive reports, easier searching, and breakthroughs in CDM+ Mobile and web integration solutions. Learn more
  • CDM+ Users Conference returns to Nashville in 2017 – our most comprehensive and cost-effective CDM+ training opportunity. Learn more
  • Meet Dean Phelps. Dean brings a wealth of experience in congregational and regional ministry to the CDM+ team. Meet Dean
  • The built-in Payroll Direct Deposit in CDM+ 10.0.5 and later lets you generate Payroll and transfer funds to employees' bank accounts in minutes. Learn more.
  • Instantly add individual photos to your database and your online member/group directories with CDM+ Mobile 1.9 or later. Learn more.

New: CDM+ Tips and Techniques Blog

On this blog, we will regularly add stories to demonstrate ways for you to take advantage of the features in your CDM+ program.

Order Checks and Tax Forms

Dynamic Systems® provides checks, payroll tax forms, tax form envelopes, and other business products — all guaranteed to be 100% compatible with CDM+ 

IRS Statement on Printing 1099 Forms

Official statement from the IRS for organizations that manually print and file 1099 forms.

Group Online Training

Group Online classes are free, online webinars lasting about 30 minutes each. New classes are added frequently, so be sure to check this page often.

CDM+ Annual Users Conference

Comprehensive training on all things CDM+, the annual Users Conference consists of 2 1/2 days of instructor-led courses, one-on-one help in the Computer Lab, and networking with other CDM+ users. See how CDM+ helps churches use technology to keep their ministries healthy. 

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Annual CDM+ Users Conference
Nov. 5 - 7, 2018 * Columbus-Dublin, Ohio

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