Attendance—More than Numbers

With CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out you can:

  • Keep up with your congregation.

    Individual attendance records can alert you to a family or individual who might be in need. If a family who attends regularly suddenly stops coming, it may be a sign that they are in need of some outreach from a pastor or fellow church members.

  • Grow your membership.

    Visitors or guests can be added to your database during the check-in process. This makes following up with them after a service or class much easier.

  • Save time.

    During Check-In, the attendance of each service, class or group meeting is automatically saved to your CDM+
    database. That means no more class time spent taking roll, sign-in sheets that distract participants or attendance lists for your staff to enter later.

  • Plan ahead for events.

    You need to know how many people might show up to reserve an appropriate space and gather enough
    materials. With accurate attendance records, you won’t find yourself playing musical chairs.