What Hardware Do I Need to Use Check-In/Check-Out?

You really only need a laptop computer or a desktop computer with keyboard and mouse to use Check-In/Check-Out, but depending on how you're using the program, additional products can be purchased through Suran Systems to enhance the Check-In/Check-Out experience.




Basic Staffed Check-In/Check-Out Station:

  • Computer (Macintosh or Windows)
  • Standard monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Staff member
    (necessary for Check-Out; optional for Check-In)






Enhancement 1:

Add a printer (in particular a DYMO LabelWriter) to the Basic station so you can print name badges and/or Check-out receipts during Check-In. The report editor includes preset sizes for DYMO and Avery labels, or you can create your own. We also offer a DYMO printer identical to the one shown except that it holds only one roll of labels at a time.


Name badges and receipts will print to any printer during check-in, but often they need to be printed with multiple badges or receipts on a page to avoid wasting expensive paper. If you can't add a LabelWriter, we suggest printing name badges ahead of the event using the Membership reports if you have an idea of who will be attending.



Enhancement 2:

Add a barcode scanner to the Basic station. Scanners purchased through Suran Systems are programmed to be used during both Staffed and Self Check-In and Staffed Check-Out. They speed the process and reduce human error. Unique ID barcodes can be added to name badges and receipts for extra security during child care check out. In addition to the barcode scanners shown, we have a hands-free model that sits or mounts on a table top.



Manually Entering Barcodes

A common practice when printing barcodes is to also print the ID number represented by the barcode. That way, if you have a barcode that will not scan, you can enter that ID number via the keyboard. Manual entry of barcodes is described in the Check-In/Check-Out manual.




Enhancement 3:

With a color card printer, you also can make ID cards for members using their address or individual barcode that they can then scan at either Self or Staffed Check-In Stations. It’s faster than doing a regular individual lookup.


NOTE: To make ID cards for your members, use the editor for either Address Name Badges or Individual Name Badges under Membership Reports.



Enhancement 4:

Add a touchscreen display to the Basic station and you can remove the standard monitor, keyboard and mouse for Self Check-In. (Staff member will still need a keyboard to log in, but it can be removed once the station is set up for Self Check-In.)




Please call 877-891-4236 for more information on these and other items that can make Check-In/Check-Out work even better for you.

Note! Suran Systems does not support the use of hardware that is not approved for use with CDM+. If you wish to purchase hardware elsewhere, we suggest you first check with our Sales Department to make sure the specific device (manufacturer & model) is supported by CDM+. Any programming of hardware not purchased through CDM+ Sales is the end user's responsibility. If you wish Suran staff to program approved hardware purchased elsewhere, charges will apply.