More About Contributions


Batch Contributions


CDM+ Batch Contribution Entry streamlines the weekly process of recording giving and also increases the accuracy of data input. After recording contributions, CDM+ provides immediate access to a wide variety of contributions reports: over 10,000 different designations of contributions are possible. CDM+ Contributions lets you print an accurate giving statement for any contributor at any time. CDM+ Contributions also allows you to maintain an unlimited history of giving for each giving unit in the church.

Whether your congregation uses the term "pledges" or prefers "giving estimates," every church needs to record expected giving and know how that compares to actual contributions. With CDM+ Contributions, it's simple to keep track, even when multiple giving campaigns occur simultaneously and some—such as building campaigns—involve multi-year commitments.


Giving Fund Sets



When a new stewardship program is needed, CDM+ Contributions will give you helpful information about past and current support patterns so that your church can choose just the right program.

Memorial Giving

Memorials are an important part of the life of any church, and CDM+ Contributions lets you easily track both gifts given "In Memory Of" and gifts given "In Honor Of" friends and loved ones. You'll always know when and how a specific gift is used, so you can keep loved ones up-to-date with easy-to-use reports such as  Memorial Gifts Given and Memorial Gifts Used.  


Memorial Gift Designee