Record registrations for any type of event, conference, retreat or camp, and create as many user-defined activities as you need for each event. Activities might include meals, workshops, materials ordered, or any other aspect of the event. Keep track of attendees' special needs, too, with reports that include info—such as allergies—about each person registered.

Define an event

Define an event by name, place, beginning and ending dates, registration deadline and cost.

Instantly view participant information

Track activity registration by participant and event or activity fees, as well as payments and amount due.

Define individual activities

Specify director(s) for individual activities, as well as place (incl. capacity), date and time.

Link to membership database (optional)

A single event can have registrations that are linked to the Membership database and those that aren't.

Know when an activity is full

Set registration limits for individual activities and tell at a glance when they're full.

Print rosters, name badges, and other reports

Create and print customized name badges with color and graphics, rosters, confirmation letters and mailing labels.