More About Membership/Attendance

Membership is the heart of CDM+ church management software.

The Attendance, Contributions and Event Registration programs all access information in the database of the Membership program. Membership is where you maintain records for members, visitors and anyone else you wish to include, such as other local churches or denominational offices. But beyond merely keeping track of names, addresses and phone numbers, CDM+ Membership puts the power of information at your fingertips, helping you connect your people with the ministry of your church.

The CDM+ Attendance program is designed to assist you in the task of recording and evaluating the participation of people in the life of the church. Attendance at committee, council, board, and fellowship meetings; worship services; Christian education classes; annual congregational meetings; retreats or any other type of event can be recorded in the CDM+ Attendance program.

CDM+ Attendance is also where you keep track of visitors to your church. Although visitor addresses and other information, visitor attendance and all follow-up efforts (letters, visits, etc.) are maintained in a separate database from membership, an easy one-click transfer moves all visitor information to the membership database when a visitor joins your fellowship. You only have to enter the data once and never need to worry about losing important information in the process!



Visitor Records Screen

Event Attendance Entry