Types of CDM+ Web Ministry Tools:

Basic Tools

  • Basic tools let people retrieve and view data from your CDM+ database but not change any data.
  • Your staff changes data in CDM+ and the changes are immediately reflected wherever you are using the tool online.
  • Current Basic tools:
    • Monthly Calendar Tool (with Weekly or Daily views)
    • Event Listing Tool
    • Search Tool
    • Directory Tool
    • Stats Tool
    • Current Account Balance Tool
    • Engage Member Portal

Premium Tools

  • Premium tools allow people to retrieve data from and enter data into your database.
  • Your staff is spared the time and effort of entering data members can provide for themselves.
  • When a premium tool accommodates online payments, those payments are automatically reflected in CDM+.
  • Current Premium tools:
    • Single Event Registration Tool
    • Engage Online Giving
    • Giving Toolkit
      • Single Gift Tool (to give a single immediate gift -- may be split among multiple funds)
      • Single Gift Tool API version (requires access to web programming expertise)
      • Givers Portal (to set up one-time or recurring gifts on a schedule and/or view giving history)

Both types of tools, Basic and Premium, are sold by subscription and are linked to specific CDM+ programs.