What Do I Need to Use CDM+ Web Ministry Tools and Engage?

The CDM+ Program Underlying the Web Ministry Tool You Plan to Use

Web Ministry Tools is a web-based companion service to CDM+, and you should be running the latest version of CDM+ to use Web Ministry Tools. NOTE: Web Ministry Tools will not work with any version of CDM+ prior to CDM+ 9.2.

Since the information that Web Ministry Tools makes available on your website comes from what you have already entered in CDM+, it follows that you must own the CDM+ program that underlies an individual Web Ministry tool before you can use that tool. Go to the Web Ministry Tools main page and click on "Catalog of Tools" for a document that lists the CDM+ program that is necessary for each available Web Ministry Tool.

Enrollment in the CDM+ Data Hosting Service

Not only does the CDM+ Data Hosting service allow you to use CDM+ Web Ministry Tools, subscribers to the service have many more benefits—including free use of the CDM+ Mobile app for devices running Android or Apple iOS. Learn more about the CDM+ Data Hosting Service, and CDM+ Mobile.

A Merchant Account (if you plan to accept online payments)

Engage Giving and the WMT Giving Toolkit are the only current tools requiring a Merchant Account. The Single Event Registration tool requires such an account if you plan to accept online payments for events.

For credit/debit card and ACH withdrawal processing with Web Ministry Tools, CDM+/Suran Systems partners with Stewardship Technology, a processing company that exclusively serves churches and non-profit organizations, resulting in lower monthly and per transaction fees than many other Merchant Account providers. For more detailed information about accepting online payments through CDM+, please contact our Sales Department at 877-891-4236.

An Existing Website (for some WMTs)

While it is not required for Engage, you must have an existing website to display certain other Web Ministry Tools, and your church website is a great place to place a link to your online giving or event registration page. It doesn’t matter if you use a web-development program, hand-code your website, hire a developer to build your site, or use a content management system like WordPress or Drupal. If you or your website developer can add a simple snippet of HTML or link to a URL, CDM+ Web Ministry Tools works with your website. Please note that we do not currently offer website creation or management services.