What Do I Need to Use CDM+ Web Ministry Tools and Engage?

The CDM+ Program Underlying the Web Ministry Tool You Plan to Use

Web Ministry Tools is a web-based companion service to CDM+, and you should be running the latest version of CDM+ to use Web Ministry Tools. NOTE: Web Ministry Tools will not work with any version of CDM+ prior to CDM+ 9.2.

Since the information that Web Ministry Tools makes available on your website comes from what you have already entered in CDM+, it follows that you must own the CDM+ program that underlies an individual Web Ministry tool before you can use that tool. Go to the Web Ministry Tools main page and click on "Catalog of Tools" for a document that lists the CDM+ program that is necessary for each available Web Ministry Tool.

Enrollment in the CDM+ Data Hosting Service

Not only does the CDM+ Data Hosting service allow you to use CDM+ Web Ministry Tools, subscribers to the service have many more benefits—including free use of the CDM+ Mobile app for devices running Android or Apple iOS. Learn more about the CDM+ Data Hosting Service, and CDM+ Mobile.

A Merchant Account (if you plan to accept online payments)

Engage Giving and the WMT Giving Toolkit are the only current tools requiring a Merchant Account. The Single Event Registration tool requires such an account if you plan to accept online payments for events.

For credit/debit card and ACH withdrawal processing with Web Ministry Tools, CDM+/Suran Systems partners with a processing company that exclusively serves churches and non-profit organizations, resulting in lower monthly and per transaction fees than many other Merchant Account providers. If you are using Engage Giving, the Giving WMT Toolkit, or accepting online payments with the Single Event Registration Tool, the one-time setup and monthly merchant account fees are auto drawn from a bank account (usually the same account you designate for settlement of transactions through the merchant account, but you may provide a different bank account if you wish). Note! The funds received from online transactions, regardless of the giving fund designated or event paid for, can only be deposited in one bank account. For more detailed information about accepting online payments through CDM+, please contact our Sales Department at 877-891-4236.

An Existing Website (for some WMTs)

While it is not required for Engage, you must have an existing website to display certain other Web Ministry Tools, and your church website is a great place to place a link to your online giving or event registration page. It doesn’t matter if you use a web-development program like Microsoft Frontpage or DreamWeaver, hand-code your website, hire a developer to build your site, or use a template-based website builder. If you or your website developer can add a simple snippet of HTML or link directly to a URL, CDM+ Web Ministry Tools works with your website. Please note that we do not currently offer website creation or management.