CDM+ Data Hosting means we store your data on our secure servers and you access it via the Internet. Using this service means you instantly get Remote Access and have the full usability of a desktop application wherever you are. CDM+ at home is exactly like CDM+ at the church office. And you're not limited to using CDM+ at home—you can take CDM+ with you to a hotel, airport or your relatives' house. If you can get on the Internet, you can use CDM+.

CDM+ Data Hosting eliminates server management and down time. For a small monthly fee*, we take the headaches out of backups, security and hardware maintenance. CDM+ Data Hosting is secure and easy. Call 877-891-4236 today and let us help you start enjoying the freedom of remote access with Data Hosting.

If you are a traditional licensed user of CDM+, you may also choose to store your CDM+ data on your own server and access it remotely.

*CDM+ Data Hosting is included when enrolled in CDM+ Software-As-A-Service (SAAS); no additional fees apply.