Suran SMTP Hosting Service

As a complimentary service to our Data Hosting users, Suran Systems, Inc. will provide an SMTP account to send email through our products. The goal of this SMTP hosting service is to ensure that our users can successfully and easily communicate with their membership and constituency.

Enrolling in the SMTP Service

Data Hosting users are not automatically enrolled in the SMTP hosting service, but a user may request an SMTP hosting account by contacting technical support. There is no fee for using this service, but there are some restrictions in place to ensure the service is not abused and meets best practices for sending email.

When enrolling in the SMTP service you need to provide your sending domain or domains. A sending domain is the part of the email address following the @ symbol that you will use to send email through the service.

Setting up SMTP hosting can take up to one day, although it is generally accomplished much sooner. Once your databases are configured to use the SMTP hosting service you can send as much email as you'd like while adhering to the restrictions outlined below.

Restricted Domains

Some domains cannot be used with the Suran SMTP service. This restriction is in effect at the request of the companies who own these domains as an anti-spam measure. The domains that currently cannot be used with the Suran SMTP hosting service are:


It is possible additional email providers will adopt similar restrictions in the future. If that happens, this list will be updated and the new restrictions will be communicated to our SMTP hosting service users.

Email Content

The Suran SMTP hosting service may only be used for communication that directly relates to business and activities of your organization. In all cases, you must have a pre-existing relationship with the email recipient. Email should contain instructions for the recipient to unsubscribe. This can be as simple as asking the recipient to reply back with the word REMOVE in the subject.

SPAM Reports

Recipients can explicitly report your email as spam to their email provider. Suran Systems will contact you with  a list of email address who have reported you as sending spam. When this happens, contact the person who reported the email as spam and make sure that was their intent. If it was, you should remove that email address from your database so that you will not continue sending email to that address.

If the person did not intend to report your email as spam, you will need to contact us so that we can remove the address from the SMTP service spam filter.


When an email cannot be delivered you will receive a notice of it. Review that notice to determine if the failure is hard or soft. A hard failure might be:

  • The email address is unknown by the receiving server
  • That email address has been permanently suspended

A soft failure might be:

  • The email inbox is full
  • The receiving server is offline and delivery will be retried after a period of time

For email address that receive a hard delivery failure, please immediately remove the email from your mailing list. Suran Systems, Inc. may periodically provide you with a list of bounce-backs and request you remove any recipients that received a hard bounce back. It is important to avoid re-sending email to hard-bounced addresses as repeatedly bounced email will impair deliverability and can result in termination of your Suran SMTP hosting account.

Removing email addresses

Email sent through the Suran SMTP hosting service can originate from a number of sources. Suran Systems can provide you with the subject of the email that resulted in a bounce-back or SPAM report. This can help you identify how the email was sent and where the email address might be stored.

If you cannot locate the email address, contact the technical support team. They can ask our data services team to check the sent notice records directly in your database to isolate the source of the email.