Access your data remotely and work anywhere there’s an Internet connection. Ideal for staff on the road, parents home with a sick child, or volunteers with a few extra minutes here and there. Best of all, when you access CDM+ remotely, you're using the full version of CDM+, just as you would at the office.

How do I access CDM+ remotely?

The easiest way is to sign up for our CDM+ Data Hosting service. For a very reasonable fee, you can eliminate the hassle of server management and downtime and have instant remote access to CDM+ any time, anywhere.

If you choose to store your data yourself and access it remotely, you'll need an active Internet connection, a static public IP address and some means of accessing the server through that IP (router with port forwarding, VPN, etc.). We cannot estimate the cost of this option, as it varies widely from one area and ISP provider to another, but if you are interested, this diagram shows the setup.