Create a new Suran User account

Open your browser and go to the following web address:

When you are at the Suran Systems Engage Login window, you will click Create Account.

create a new suran user account


Suran User Portal Signup page

On this page, you will need to enter an email address. The email address you need to use is one that we have on file in our system. If you are not sure if you have an email on file or if you need to verify the email, please give us a call at 800-633-9581.

So, we will enter the email address that is on file with Suran Systems, and click Register.

suran user portal signup page


Select the name associated with the email

A search is done and the record associated with the email address is displayed. Here you will click the link for Matthew Robertson since this is the found record.

If the email was associated with more than one record, you would have had a choice of the names to select.

select the name associated with the email


Create username page

Here we are brought to a page to create a username. Enter a username you want to use with your account and then click on Create Account.

create username page


Enter password reset page

The password reset page displays. When we click register in the previous step, an email is sent to your email address. This email will include a password reset code as well as password reset links. Go to the next step to see the received email.

enter password reset page


Received password reset email

In this email, we have a number of items of interest.

  1. Your username is listed in the email. This is important to check to ensure that you use the appropriate email when logging into the Suran User Portal.
  2. There are two reset links.
  3. A reset code that can be copy and pasted into the field on the Reset Password page.

We are going to click the words Reset Password.

received password reset email


Create password page

We are brought to the create password page. Here you will enter in a password you wish to use for your account. We will enter a password for Matt Robertson an click Submit.

create password page


Password has been reset - click 'Login'

password has been reset


Enter your username and password, then click 'Sign In'

enter your username and password at the login window


Suran User Portal

You are now in the Suran User Portal.  You see the following:

  1. A list of the contacts we have for the church/organization.
  2. A list of phone numbers for the contact, Matthew, and
  3. A list of email addresses for Matthew.

There is more we can discuss, but we are going to end here and pick it up in the next document.

suran user portal