Log into Suran Users Engage

To login go to engage.suran.com/user.

log into suran user engage


Click on the Options button in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select EVENTS.

clicking on the options button in the upper right of the Engage window


You are taken to the Suran User Events page. 

Find the 2018 Annual CDM+ User Conference event and click Register.

listing of events open at Suran Systems


Attendee Information Window

Your information from Suran User records will be entered into the Attendee Information page. Review the information and ensure it is correct, then click 'Add Another Attendee'.

In our example, we are registering two people. If you are just registering one person, you can click 'Next Step'.

Attendee Information window


Fill in the information for the second attendee

Enter the information for the second attendee and then click 'Next Step.'

Note: If you have additional people you wish to register, then you would click 'Add Another Attendee.'

shows additional attendee fields


Select the appropriate activities

On this page, we are going to select the 'Special Needs Diet' for Daniel and then click 'Next Step.'

activities window of Engage Registration


The Billing information window opens

This brings us to the Payment page. At the top of the page, you will see information regarding Training Credits.

billing information window of Engage Registration


Training Credits

At the top of the Billing information window, you will see the number of Training Credits you have to use toward this registration. 

In our example, Matt’s church has up to three training credits to use toward registration for the 2018 user conference. Matt only wants to use two of their three credits, we select 2 from the pop-up menu. When we do, the dollar amount for the applied credits changes to 50.00 and the balance due is now 1000.00.

application of training credits on billing information window of Engage Registration


Finish filling out the billing information for the registration

With the training credits applied, we can continue the payment process by selecting Matt’s name from the attendee popup menu because he is going to use his credit card information.

This populates his personal information and all he has to enter is his credit card information. When he is done entering this he clicks next step.

filling out the rest of the billing information


Registration Complete

On this page, you have a receipt for your registration. Print this information out by clicking 'Print' at the bottom, then you can close the window.

This completes the registration process. Matt and Daniel are now registered for the 2018 User Conference.

Engage Registration complete