Do I Need to Buy Support?

If you enroll in CDM+ Software-As-A-Service (SAAS), the short answer is "No!" The low monthly fee for CDM+ SAAS includes Premier Support.

New traditionally licensed users of CDM+ receive FREE support for the first 90 days after purchase, and have the option to buy an additional 12 months of Premier Support at a reduced rate.

But Premier Support isn't just needed when you are new to CDM+. Many people tell us that their greatest need for tech support comes after they have mastered the basics and are more fully utilizing the many powerful features of CDM+. Plus, with the FREE upgrades benefit, Premier Support members keep their CDM+ up-to-date, no matter how long ago they purchased it.

Regardless of which support option you choose, knowledgeable help is only a toll-free phone call or a click away. No matter how difficult your problem is, we'll work with you until it's solved.

Our Support Options:

Unlimited Premier Support

  • No additional cost for CDM+ SAAS users
  • Price varies according to number of programs & users for traditionally licensed CDM+ users
  • Required to use CDM+ Payroll

Per-Instance Help

  • $55 payable by credit/debit card at the time you call
  • Card will not be charged if tech determines issue is due to a program bug