Group Online Training classes are on a brief hiatus and will resume in mid-November. Please, check back soon for a complete schedule of our Fall 2016 classes. Group Online Training classes are live webinars that last 30 minutes and cover a set course of material. Click the View Schedule/Register link to access detailed class descriptions.

This is group training, usually involving many persons from different organizations. If time permits, the trainer will take your questions at a designated time, but please note that questions should be of general concern. Arrange for Individual Online Training to cover questions about situations unique to your church.

You will be able to view the trainer's computer on your own monitor through your Web browser. Please note that the number you will call is NOT toll-free and any long distance charges are your expense.

Requirements: a phone capable of calling a long distance number and a computer with a broadband Internet connection. You may wish to check your computer's compatibility with CDM+ online training before the class begins.

Click here for instructions on how to attend an online class.

Click the View Schedule/Register link for information about currently scheduled classes and to register online.