Details of the Fundamentals of CDM+ Class

(for CDM+ 9.1 and later)

Fundamentals of CDM+ teaches the effective use of the common features of all CDM+ programs (versions 9.1 and later). Knowledge of this material is foundational for all users.

  • How to launch and log into CDM+
  • Creation and use of a basic Find
  • Sorting and Selecting records on the Results Windows
  • Custom setup of Window Options for each individual user
  • Previewing and printing with the use of the Grid option
  • Printing of Selected Record or Results List demonstrated


Details of Membership/Attendance Classes(for CDM+ 9.1 and later)

Getting Started in CDM+ Membership – Essential introductory training for effective use of the Membership program. Beginning setup and data entry tasks are explained and demonstrated. Beginning users of CDM+ Membership should take this class.

  • Explanation of relationship between Addresses and Individuals
  • Demonstration of Address and Individual records entry
  • Entering contact information
  • Entering personal and membership information
  • Tips on gathering and organizing membership information
  • Entering people in groups

CDM+ Membership Groups – Custom group setup and entry of individuals into groups demonstrated. Basics of defining the Master Coding System will be presented. All users of CDM+ Membership should take this class.

  • Custom setup of Master Coding System - Built-In and User-Defined codes
  • Quick and easy way to enter individuals into groups
  • Sample report listing previewed

CDM+ Membership Procedures – Basic training of the most often used features of the Membership program including creating Detail Tracking for User Defined groups; efficiently entering individuals and families in groups; and defining and using Other Information fields.

  • Overview of User Preferences in Membership
  • Demonstration of setup and usage of Detail Tracking in Master Coding System
  • Setup and explanation of user-defined Other Information fields

CDM+ Membership Maintenance – Basic training for handling common Membership changes and special situations. How to move an individual to another address record and how to update the records of a deceased member are demonstrated in this class. Important training for staff members responsible for keeping Membership records current.

  • How to add an alternate individual address (e.g.; student in college or military service personnel)
  • Demonstration of how to move an individual to a new or different address record
  • Setup and explanation of using dual last names within families presented
  • Steps to update the Membership records of a deceased individual demonstrated
  • Use of Field Maintenance to efficiently and quickly update Address and Individual records
  • How to effectively update phone and email changes through use of Phone/Email maintenance

Managing CDM+ Membership Data – Keeping your membership data accurate increases ministry effectiveness and this class explains how.

  • Customizing Address and Individual field names to suit your ministries
  • Presentation of the importance of church office procedures and data management
  • Designating selected individual records as Do Not Print on reports
  • Prepare Address and Individual records for Archiving
  • Verifying your addresses as deliverable by USPS through the CASS certification process
  • Use of Grid for updating records, previewing and printing

CDM+ Membership Reports – Retrieving your Address and Individual record information in basic report formats is covered; anyone working with membership records would benefit from this class.

  • Report selection and menus
  • Explanation of options on the Report Window
  • Data selection for basic membership reports
  • Selection and setup of Directories and Labels
  • Field choices, setup and formatting of the Membership Custom Listing

CDM+ Membership Custom Reports – Designing and printing three of CDM+’s most popular reports are presented in this class. The custom setup of the church office membership yearbook is highlighted.

  • Report Window options reviewed
  • Detail presentation of template selection, custom setup and formatting for both the Address and Individual Yearbook
  • Detail presentation of designing Name Badges including format selection and custom design

CDM+ Membership Notices & Exports – Communication—can we ever do enough of it? CDM+ Notices (custom letters, cards and emails) make the task easier. Learn how to create them in this class. Take the CDM+ Notices class for more information on formatting letters, cards and emails sent from CDM+.

  • Create custom letters to individuals or families
  • Use custom post cards for small messages and save money
  • Sending emails to one person, a committee or group is demonstrated
  • Merge data from CDM+ into your email messages, letters, and card

Engage Member Directories – Engage gives church members access to a church directory that they can use directly from their computer, smart phone, or mobile device, helping to keep people connected. This online training will cover:

  • What is available in the membership directory
  • How a church member creates their Engage account
  • How to administer the Engage directory

CDM+ Attendance Procedures – Basic training in the setup and entry of the Attendance program. Learn to create classes and groups and check attendance on the individuals enrolled or “visitors.” This class is essential for staff members of volunteers using CDM+ to track attendance.

  • Create classes and groups and enroll individuals quickly
  • Training to learn steps involved in promoting individuals to new classes effectively
  • Customize worksheets for checking class attendance will be demonstrated
  • How to steps presented for checking class and group attendance
  • Entering individual attendance for worship events presented
  • Tracking event attendance totals only explained

CDM+ Visitor Tracking Procedures – Know who is visiting your church and assimilate them into your fellowship through an effective process supported by the CDM+ Attendance program. This class gives you the tools to do so.

  • Detailed review of Visitor Record fields and their usage
  • Adding a Visitor Record is demonstrated
  • Creation of a custom formatted, merged Visitor letter presented
  • Transfer of a Visitor Record to an Address Record is explained

CDM+ Visitation and Pastoral Records – Maintaining personal contact with members builds relationships and strengthens churches. Visitation and Pastoral Records easily maintains vital information of past contacts and enables planning and scheduling for future contacts.

  • Control User access to Visitation and Pastoral records
  • Detailed review of Visitation record fields and Visitation Reminders
  • Demonstration of adding Pastoral record information and comments
  • Review of Visitation and Pastoral reports

Tracking Your Volunteer Pulse in CDM+ – Training to set up and track the volunteer service hours of your church members. Volunteers are at the "heart" of most of the ministries of your church. It would not be an overstatement to call their collective efforts the "pulse" of your church ministry. This class will demonstrate a method of tracking and reporting the volunteer "pulse."

  • Add custom codes for user defined Volunteer categories and types
  • Demonstrate entry of individual volunteer service hours
  • Presentation of reports on individual volunteer service hours
  • Setup and presentation of Summary Volunteer hours reports

Details of Contributions Classes (for CDM+ 9.1 and later)

Getting Started in CDM+ Contributions – Introductory training to effectively guide users in tracking contributor giving. Beginning setup options, creation of Giving Units and Giving Funds are explained and demonstrated. All users, but especially beginning users, of CDM+ Contributions should take this class.

  • Contributions setup options explained, including creating Giving Units
  • Create Giving Funds
  • Contributions Preference settings introduced
  • Basic contributions entry through Batch Contributions demonstrated
  • Preview Daily Reports

CDM+ Contributions Entry – Basic training on entering contributions. Use of the "Batch" method of input and demonstration of basic Contributions gifts entry provided. All users, especially beginning users, of CDM+ Contributions should take this class.

  • Creating giving funds
  • Entering donor gifts, loose offering, visitor gifts and gifts with notes
  • Review and printing of Batch reports
  • Post Contributions to the ledger

CDM+ Contributions Procedures – Basic training on entering “special” contributions, visitor contributions and memorial gifts provided. Detailed explanation given of Giving Unit record tabs: Groups tab, Email tab and Giving Notice tab. This class takes the user beyond startup in Contributions and should be taken by all responsible for Contributions records.

  • Contribution System Preferences and Giving Sets explained
  • Step-by-step demonstration of entering non-deductible gifts
  • Presentation of the use of Memorial Gifts and how-to enter memorial gifts
  • Explanation of importance and use of the Group tab, Email tab and Giving Notice tab

CDM+ Contributions Maintenance – Basic training for handling common Contribution changes and special situations is provided. Explanation and creation of Giving History will be demonstrated. Use and maintenance of emails for sending Contribution reports will be explained. This class provides important training for persons responsible for keeping Contribution records current.

  • Editing and changing Giving Unit codes explained and demonstrated
  • Transferring Contributions between Giving Units presented
  • Explanation and demonstration of Giving History given
  • How to handle Contributions records when families change will be discussed
  • Entering/updating emails used in Contributions explained

CDM+ Contributions Pledging – The pledge tracking process will be demonstrated in detail in this class. Pledge setup, entry and pledge reporting will be covered. Persons responsible for tracking and reporting on pledges will greatly benefit from this class.

  • Explanation of creating pledge funds and pledge setup given
  • Detailed instruction of pledge entry
  • Pledge changes and analysis tools explained
  • Use of “Actual” pledges and optional use of “Projected” pledges presented
  • Custom listings and pledge reports reviewed

Track Memorial Gifts Using CDM+ – Memorial gifts are unique in a number of ways, and CDM+ is designed to handle the special circumstances that lead to the creation and dispensation of gifts given in honor of loved ones.

  • Create gift designees (in memory of or in honor of)
  • Using the Connections tab for gift designees
  • Entering memorial gifts in CDM+ Contributions
  • Reporting memorial gifts given
  • Reporting the use of memorial gifts

CDM+ Contributions Reports 1 – Eight of the basic Contributions reports are reviewed, as well as a creating Giving Statements.

  • View giving by date by Giving Units or Giving Funds – Giving Detail report
  • Totals by Date and Totals by Month reports
  • Giving Range report with user-defined ranges
  • Overview of Composite by Giver and Composite by Date reports
  • Contributions Worksheet that can be used by money counters
  • Creating Giving Statements – quarterly and annually

CDM+ Contributions Reports 2 – Analyzing giving and encouraging members to grow in their stewardship remains a vital task in all churches. This class is for leaders, financial assistants and ministers to gain the use of CDM+ tools to help accomplish this task.

  • Giving History Comparison report displays historical giving data by Giving Unit
  • Actual vs. Pledge report shows Over/Under giving by date range
  • Lagging Givers report allows custom setup to analyze changing giving patterns by Givers
  • Giving Export allows for the export of Contributions fields and information
  • Create custom mail merge letters including personal giving information

CDM+ Year-End Contributions Update – Class will focus on the preparation of paper Contribution statements printed from CDM+. Tasks necessary to ensure an accurate start to next year donor giving tracking will be demonstrated.

  • How to add Giving Funds required for next year demonstrated
  • Thorough presentation of creation of paper Giving Statements
  • Review of selected Contributions reports

CDM+ Email Contributions StatementsRequires CDM+ 9.2 or greater. This class covers the steps to set up and send Contributions Statements as secure, password-protected PDF files via email.

  • Where to mark Giving Units to receive statements via email
  • How to specify email addresses for statements
  • Learn how to create secure PDF files of giving statements
  • How to setup & send email notices with attached secure PDFs

Details of Accounting/Payroll Classes (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

Accounting Principles – Just starting in CDM+ accounting? Have little or no accounting experience? Desire to learn the basics of fund accounting? We designed this class for you. The class covers an introduction to:

  • Double-entry accounting including Account Types
  • Debits and Credits usage
  • Funds and Fund Accounting
  • Relationship of Ledger entries to Income/Expense and the Balance Sheet reports

Getting Started in CDM+ Accounting (Chart of Accounts) – Introductory training essential to the accurate setup and use of the Accounting program. All users of CDM+ Accounting should take this class.

  • Financial reports for churches and other non-profits
  • Funds and Fund Accounting
  • Creating your Chart of Accounts 
  • Entering beginning balances

CDM+ Accounting Setup – The next steps in the setup of the Accounting program are presented: entering Beginning Balances, verifying balances with reports, preparation for check writing and Vendor Records. All users of CDM+ Accounting should take this class.

  • Entering the Beginning account balances previewed
  • Check formatting demonstrated
  • Basic vendor setup presented

CDM+ Accounting Entry – Essential training on entering Ledger transactions and using Accounts Payable. Step-by-step presentation on entering Ledger Entries and using the Accounts Payable process to track payables and write checks. This class is essential training for anyone responsible for paying bills, entering deposits or creating journal entries.

  • How-to demonstration given for entering the three types of Ledger transactions
  • Step-by-step instruction for using Accounts Payable including creating invoices, marking invoices for payment, writing checks and posting to Ledger
  • Demonstration of using the Find on the Ledger Entries record to select transaction

Paying Bills Using CDM+ Accounts Payable – Essential training on using CDM+ Accounts Payable to track payables and write checks.

  • Entering vendors
  • Entering bills and invoices
  • Paying invoices by check, credit card or auto-draw
  • Accrual: What is it and How to do it

CDM+ Accounting Procedures – An understanding of Accounting Ledger entries and completing your Bank Reconciliation is the focus of this class. All financial users can benefit from this information.

  • Detailed review of the Ledger Entries record fields and their use
  • Explanation of Ledger Entry Types: Check, Deposit and Journal Entry
  • Setup and use of Recurring Ledger entries presented
  • Completion of the Bank Reconciliation process demonstrated

CDM+ Accounting Period Ending – Essential training on month-end procedures including Bank Reconciliation and closing the period. Step-by-step training on doing a Bank Reconciliation and trouble-shooting issues related to its completion. Selected month-end reports will be previewed and demonstrated. Persons responsible for month-end accounting and reports should take this class.

  • How to setup and complete a Bank Reconciliation; trouble-shooting tips for completing the reconciliation
  • Explanation and demonstration of closing a month
  • Review of two Balance Sheet options
  • Preview of Trial Balance and Ledger to Budget reports

CDM+ Accounting Ledger Reports – Accounting reports are used to analyze the fiscal condition of your organization. The basic accounting reports are reviewed and demonstrated.

  • Check and Deposit Listing reports
  • Ledger by Accounts report
  • Income and Expenditures report
  • Balance Sheet and Trial Balance reports
  • Fund Activity report
  • Check Register report thru Account Balances

CDM+ Accounting Comparison Reports – Comparison and summary reports are the main focus of this class. Custom setup of these reports is demonstrated.

  • Ledger to Budget and the Monthly Comparison reports
  • Monthly Summary and the Range Summary reports
  • Budget and the Budget Comparison reports
  • Account Balances report
  • Exporting files to Excel is demonstrated

CDM+ Year-End Accounting Closing – Learn essential steps in reviewing year-end accounting reports, creating year-end journal entries and closing the months and year CDM+. Class will discuss issues and demonstrate “how-to” actions for common year-end accounting procedures.

  • Creation of year-end ledger entries demonstrated
  • Month-end and year-end closing procedures reviewed
  • Review of selected year-end reports

CDM+ Year-End Accounts Payable 1099 Vendors – Simplify the work of producing 1099 and 1096 forms for appropriate vendors by taking this class. 

  • Review Accounts Payable vendors for correct setup & payment amounts
  • Review all vendors for possible 1099 reporting with ease of one report
  • Find out how to edit 1099 information, if needed
  • Learn to print certified 1099s and 1096 forms directly from CDM+

Getting Started in CDM+ Payroll – Introductory training essential to the proper setup of the Payroll program. Step-by-step Payroll setup is demonstrated with explanations as to the implications of setup decisions. Setup and updating of Federal, State and Local taxes presented.

  • Payroll Setup explained and demonstrated
  • How to update Federal and State tax tables and create Local taxes and other deductions
  • Multiple examples of entering and setup of employees presented; including minister setup

CDM+ Payroll Entry – Basic training on payroll entry and calculation. Step-by-step presentation of completing payday entries and producing payroll checks provided. All persons responsible for creating paychecks should take this class.

  • Input of pay period entries for salaried and hourly employees demonstrated
  • Use of View Payroll to review current payroll for accuracy before checks are written
  • Printing of payroll checks demonstrated
  • Post payroll transactions to Ledger and Posting Report explained

CDM+ Payroll Procedures – Instruction to assist in dealing with payroll situations such as voiding a payroll, re-issuing a payroll check, correcting employee setup, validating W2 and 941 information and verifying balance sheet payroll liabilities. All persons responsible for maintaining payroll records accurately should know this information.

  • How to Void a payroll entry and re-issue a payroll check
  • Correcting an employee payroll setup demonstrated
  • Using the Taxable Income Detail report to validate 941 and W2 information explained
  • Tracking Sick, Vacation and Comp time through payroll demonstrated
  • Selected payroll reports will be previewed

CDM+ Payroll Period End – Essential training on month-end and quarter-end procedures required in CDM+ Payroll. This class will cover verifying month-end tax and deduction withholding totals and liability totals. The creation of checks and auto-draw entries to pay out these withholding will be demonstrated, as will the creation of the IRS 941 quarterly statement.

  • Validate period end tax and deductions withholding amounts through payroll reports
  • Verify Balance Sheet liability account balances
  • Presentation and explanation of creating the 941 quarterly statement
  • Demonstration of checks and auto-draw payments for amounts withheld

CDM+ Year-End Payroll Update – Steps to prepare for accurate 2017 payroll records and print certified 2016 W-2s and W-3 tax forms will be taught in this class. Employee setup/changes for the upcoming year and printing year-end tax forms will be presented.

  • Presentation of how to update employee information for the new year
  • Demonstration of the use of CDM+ Payroll reports to verify payroll reporting accuracy
  • Step-by-step presentation of printing W-2s and W-3 forms from CDM+ 9.2

Electronic Banking with CDM+ – This class covers how CDM+, in partnership with a Stewardship Technology merchant account, facilitates electronic banking through Online Giving and Registration Web Tools, recurring contributions, and one-time charges. Learn how CDM+ simplifies the process of tracking electronic funds transfer from receipt to posting in the ledger.

  • Demonstration of the use of the Process Pending Gifts window
  • Step-by-step presentation of Deposit Processing window
  • Demonstration of using Web Tools Payment Administration page

Details of Other Online Classes

Archive & Backup of CDM+ Data (for CDM+ 9.1 and later)

Your data records contain vital information for all the ministries of your church. To say they are important is an understatement. This course presents a plan to protect and maintain your database.

  • Demonstration of the Backup features in CDM+
  • Explanation of the archive process given
  • Steps of record preparation for an archive presented
  • Demonstration of creating an archive database

Note! This class is offered with demonstrations using either Membership/Contributions data or Accounting data.

CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out (for CDM+ 9.1 and later)

CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out (Overview) – Introductory training in utilizing the effective Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) program in your church ministry. A thorough demonstration of versatile security features and setup options is provided. The Check-In and Check-Out processes are demonstrated. All persons responsible for using CICO as a security and attendance program should take the class.

CDM+ Event Registration (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

CDM+ Event Registration (Overview) – Training intended to maximize the use of the Event Registration program. Custom setup and Event record entry explained. Steps of registration and confirmation for members and non-members for Events will be presented. Persons responsible for registering anyone for a church event will benefit from this class.

  • Add and setup of an Event presented
  • Use and setup of user-defined Activities for an Event presented
  • Registration of Member and Non-Members demonstrated
  • Payment entry and “scholarships” recording presented
  • Creation of confirmation Letters and Cards explained
  • Effective use of email to registrants will be presented
  • Master List, Payment List and other selected reports previewed

CDM+ Roommate Facilities Manager (for CDM+ 9.1 and later)

CDM+ Roommate (Overview) – Introductory training fundamental to efficient use the CDM+ Roommate program. Setup options and resource record entry will be demonstrated. Event scheduling, resource inventory and management and schedule conflict resolution will be presented. Anyone responsible for coordinating the organization’s schedule and resources using Roommate should take this course.

  • Setup options explained so you can modify Roommate for your organization’s needs
  • Add custom fields to enhance resource tracking and inventory
  • Creation of Resource and Room Records presented
  • Adding Event Records thoroughly demonstrated
  • Use of Recurring Event scheduling presented

CDM+ Notices (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

CDM+ Notices let you create professional, personalized communications from within CDM+ itself. Essentially, Notices combines CDM+ with a word processor. Add graphics, change fonts, format paragraphs and more! Then, simply drag fields from within CDM+ right into the notice. No data merges required!

  • Explanation of why personalized communication is so important
  • Where to find Notices within the individual CDM+ programs
  • Creating a sample letter or email notice -- includes which file formats you can import, how to style text, importing and formatting graphics and text boxes, and more
  • Export formats, including Print to PDF

Getting Started in CDM+ Web Ministry Tools (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

CDM+ Web Ministry Tools is a complementary product to CDM+ that links your website to your CDM+ data, essentially publishing your data online and keeping it up to date with very little maintenance. From event listings and online directories to online event registration and giving with credit card processing, Web Ministry Tools offer something for everyone.

  • General explanation of how Web Ministry Tools work
  • Brief overview of the available basic and premium tools
  • Explanation of the features that are common to most tools: Tool Options, Designer, Login Settings, Publish, Duplicate, Deactivate, Remove
  • Ideas for using Web Ministry Tools in ministry, including some unexpected uses for certain tools

Web Ministry Tool - Giving Tool for Single Immediate Online Gifts (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

The Giving Tool for single immediate online gifts does not store payment information, so anyone -- member or not -- may donate to your church or ministry without logging in. This tool is ideal for friends of your ministry who are not in your database. Gifts may be split among as many funds as you choose to make available on the tool. Every church that uses CDM+ Contributions should have at least one of these tools on its website.

  • Answers the question, "When is a Giving Tool for single immediate gifts the correct choice?"
  • Shows how to create a new Giving Tool and briefly explains the the tool Options
  • Explains the three Publish choices for making a Giving Tool available to potential donors

Web Ministry Tool - Giver Portal for Setting Up Recurring Online Gifts (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

A Giver Portal lets members of your congregation manage their own online giving, including setting up recurring gifts and viewing giving history. Because the Giver Portal stores payment information, login is required and a potential giver must establish that he/she is part of a giving unit in your database before creating login information. This class looks at how to set up a Giver Portal and what to do before making it live.

  • Explains the difference between a Giver Portal for recurring gifts and a Giving Tool for single immediate gifts
  • Shows the creation of a Giver Portal and briefly reviews its Options
  • Provides a pre-launch checklist of steps to take help potential givers login successfully the first time they use your new Giver Portal
  • Shows an example of a website that includes both a Giving Tool for immediate gifts and a Giver Portal for recurring gifts and clearly explains the difference to potential donors

Web Ministry Tool - Event Registration (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

Learn how Single Event Registration, a premium Web Ministry Tool, works with your CDM+ Event Registration program to provide a convenient way for busy people to register and pay for events right on your website ... anytime, day or night.

  • General explanation of how the Single Event Registration Tool works
  • Discussion of how to set up your event and associated activities in CDM+ Event Registration before creating the online tool
  • Explanation of the Single Event Registration Tool setup: options, notices, design, testing, and more
  • Special features for camp/youth events and for regional offices that use the tool

CDM+ Mobile for Administrators

CDM+ Mobile lets your staff, leaders, and key volunteers view, add or edit information in the CDM+ database from a mobile device. Tracking attendance, adding photos for member and group directories, seeing and acting upon Reminders, and viewing individual or family information are among the top features of this powerful tool. 

  • Set up a device to use CDM+ Mobile
  • Using individual groups
  • Look-up and update member information
  • Record attendance on tablets or phones
  • Build pictorial directory using mobile devices

CDM+ Mobile for Pastors

Pastors will appreciate the ability to connect and communicate with members and others with the CDM+ Mobile app for their handheld devices.

  • Find member information
  • Get driving directions
  • Enter Pastoral and Visitation information
  • Create Reminders for yourself or others
  • Receive Push Notifications