Details of Other Online Classes

Archive & Backup of CDM+ Data (for CDM+ 9.1 and later)

Your data records contain vital information for all the ministries of your church. To say they are important is an understatement. This course presents a plan to protect and maintain your database.

  • Demonstration of the Backup features in CDM+
  • Explanation of the archive process given
  • Steps of record preparation for an archive presented
  • Demonstration of creating an archive database

Note! This class is offered with demonstrations using either Membership/Contributions data or Accounting data.

CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out (for CDM+ 9.1 and later)

CDM+ Check-In/Check-Out (Overview) – Introductory training in utilizing the effective Check-In/Check-Out (CICO) program in your church ministry. A thorough demonstration of versatile security features and setup options is provided. The Check-In and Check-Out processes are demonstrated. All persons responsible for using CICO as a security and attendance program should take the class.

CDM+ Event Registration (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

CDM+ Event Registration (Overview) – Training intended to maximize the use of the Event Registration program. Custom setup and Event record entry explained. Steps of registration and confirmation for members and non-members for Events will be presented. Persons responsible for registering anyone for a church event will benefit from this class.

  • Add and setup of an Event presented
  • Use and setup of user-defined Activities for an Event presented
  • Registration of Member and Non-Members demonstrated
  • Payment entry and “scholarships” recording presented
  • Creation of confirmation Letters and Cards explained
  • Effective use of email to registrants will be presented
  • Master List, Payment List and other selected reports previewed

CDM+ Roommate Facilities Manager (for CDM+ 9.1 and later)

CDM+ Roommate (Overview) – Introductory training fundamental to efficient use the CDM+ Roommate program. Setup options and resource record entry will be demonstrated. Event scheduling, resource inventory and management and schedule conflict resolution will be presented. Anyone responsible for coordinating the organization’s schedule and resources using Roommate should take this course.

  • Setup options explained so you can modify Roommate for your organization’s needs
  • Add custom fields to enhance resource tracking and inventory
  • Creation of Resource and Room Records presented
  • Adding Event Records thoroughly demonstrated
  • Use of Recurring Event scheduling presented

CDM+ Notices (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

CDM+ Notices let you create professional, personalized communications from within CDM+ itself. Essentially, Notices combines CDM+ with a word processor. Add graphics, change fonts, format paragraphs and more! Then, simply drag fields from within CDM+ right into the notice. No data merges required!

  • Explanation of why personalized communication is so important
  • Where to find Notices within the individual CDM+ programs
  • Creating a sample letter or email notice -- includes which file formats you can import, how to style text, importing and formatting graphics and text boxes, and more
  • Export formats, including Print to PDF

Getting Started in CDM+ Web Ministry Tools (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

CDM+ Web Ministry Tools is a complementary product to CDM+ that links your website to your CDM+ data, essentially publishing your data online and keeping it up to date with very little maintenance. From event listings and online directories to online event registration and giving with credit card processing, Web Ministry Tools offer something for everyone.

  • General explanation of how Web Ministry Tools work
  • Brief overview of the available basic and premium tools
  • Explanation of the features that are common to most tools: Tool Options, Designer, Login Settings, Publish, Duplicate, Deactivate, Remove
  • Ideas for using Web Ministry Tools in ministry, including some unexpected uses for certain tools

Web Ministry Tool - Giving Tool for Single Immediate Online Gifts (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

The Giving Tool for single immediate online gifts does not store payment information, so anyone -- member or not -- may donate to your church or ministry without logging in. This tool is ideal for friends of your ministry who are not in your database. Gifts may be split among as many funds as you choose to make available on the tool. Every church that uses CDM+ Contributions should have at least one of these tools on its website.

  • Answers the question, "When is a Giving Tool for single immediate gifts the correct choice?"
  • Shows how to create a new Giving Tool and briefly explains the the tool Options
  • Explains the three Publish choices for making a Giving Tool available to potential donors

Web Ministry Tool - Giver Portal for Setting Up Recurring Online Gifts (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

A Giver Portal lets members of your congregation manage their own online giving, including setting up recurring gifts and viewing giving history. Because the Giver Portal stores payment information, login is required and a potential giver must establish that he/she is part of a giving unit in your database before creating login information. This class looks at how to set up a Giver Portal and what to do before making it live.

  • Explains the difference between a Giver Portal for recurring gifts and a Giving Tool for single immediate gifts
  • Shows the creation of a Giver Portal and briefly reviews its Options
  • Provides a pre-launch checklist of steps to take help potential givers login successfully the first time they use your new Giver Portal
  • Shows an example of a website that includes both a Giving Tool for immediate gifts and a Giver Portal for recurring gifts and clearly explains the difference to potential donors

Web Ministry Tool - Event Registration (for CDM+ 9.2 and later)

Learn how Single Event Registration, a premium Web Ministry Tool, works with your CDM+ Event Registration program to provide a convenient way for busy people to register and pay for events right on your website ... anytime, day or night.

  • General explanation of how the Single Event Registration Tool works
  • Discussion of how to set up your event and associated activities in CDM+ Event Registration before creating the online tool
  • Explanation of the Single Event Registration Tool setup: options, notices, design, testing, and more
  • Special features for camp/youth events and for regional offices that use the tool