Changed the Way We See Things — Sarah Suarez' Story

My name is Sarah Suarez, and I am with Victory Christian Center located in Lowellville, Ohio. I work in the membership and attendance, and I absolutely love this program. I have worked with several database programs but never one as diversified as CDM+. It has really been an incredible tool to maintain a database on the people, and I just can't speak enough about this program. It has really changed the way we see things, the information we can pull, the details, the reports that it allows us to obtain is just amazing. We can pinpoint a certain group of people based on age, gender, it's endless. It's endless the ways we can pull reports, and it's been a great asset to our church.

And, I also feel that I've learned tremendously during the conference. Things that I didn't know were exposed, and I think that I'm going to take it back to the office and train all the girls on it so that they, too, can start using it. It's a great tool.