Easy. Intuitive. Powerful. — Terri Whitney-Jackson's Story

My name is Terri Whitney-Jackson and I'm from the Elliott Church in Newton, Massachusetts. We've been using CDM+ since it was version 7. It's just such a phenomenal program. It's easy to use, it's intuitive, it's powerful. And, with the Web Ministry Tools coming online I'm really, really excited about that. The Event Registration…I can't wait to buy that part of the program and get that up onto the website for all of our forums and retreats. That's going to be huge.

The other thing that I'm really excited about is the Enhanced Notices. I sent a text message Monday to the two pastors and I said, "I'm really excited about this; I can't wait to share it with you." So, I'm so psyched! And, I think coming to the conference…this is my second conference…it's so important. You get so much information and it revitalizes my passion. What it does is it takes away the issue of it being about data and makes it about the congregation. Because…that's what we do…serve people.