Saw Benefit Right from the Start — Wilma Hollon's Story

I'm Wilma Hollon from Blanchester, Ohio, and our church is the Christ Harvest Church of God. We have a very small congregation, but we saw the benefit of using CDM+ right from the very start.

We've had it for awhile, and I still haven't used it to its capacity. I'm still learning lots of things about it. I like it especially for the Membership and the Contributions. It's been a big help for me with being able to print out the contributions at the end of the year and hand that to the parishioners without having to type that all up on an Excel spreadsheet anymore.

I see potential for us as we grow to use it for lots of other things and I'm excited about that. But, I'm the only one who's using it right now. I'm very happy with it.