The road to updating CDM+

It’s a familiar scene—grab a cup of coffee, log on to your computer, and fire up CDM+ to do some work. But today, there’s a surprise waiting. After logging in, CDM+ displays this message:

Install update message in CDM+

There’s a new update to CDM+ available. You click Download and Install, let CDM+ and the database update, and you’re back to work as normal with new fixes and enhancements to power your day.

But what happens before that message appears?

How do the CDM+ developers ensure this update makes you more productive instead of introducing frustrations?

The secret is this—testing, testing, and more testing!

update testing path picture

Before you click Download and Install, our Early Adopters have already used the new version for their daily work. They let us know if there are problems or confusing changes, and we take their feedback, improve upon it, and release another update. CDM+ 10.1.7 went through 4 releases to Early Adopters before it’s final release!

Before the Early Adopters try the release, we use it to update 80 test databases from CDM+ versions released over the last 8 years. Every database must update smoothly before we ship the release, and every time we find a new database that doesn’t update smoothly, we add it to our list of test databases.

Before we test our database updates, Suran’s support technicians and trainers use the new version every day. We fix any problems they find and give them a new update to try—sometimes releasing updates 5 or 6 times a day!

Before our support team and trainers use a new update, Suran’s internal testers review each and every change in that update, making sure it works as expected and doesn’t cause problems. When testers find problems, developers fix them in a matter of hours and send them back for testing.

Before our testers get a new version to test, we run our automated tests. 115,303 tests and 16 database updates make sure fixing a bug or adding a feature doesn’t break anything. Every single one of those tests must pass before we send an update to our testers. And every new feature and bug fix adds more automated tests so that every update adds quality and stability.

Before we run our automated tests, the developers manually test their changes as they make them. Each developer also walks another developer through the changes during a code review to ensure the changes make sense before sending the change on its journey to you.

Whether it's fixing a bug or adding a new feature, we make sure it works long before you see a new update is available. And our testing, testing, and more testing gives you the peace of mind to know clicking Download and Install will make CDM+ faster and better to empower your ministry and mission.