Major Upgrades to CDM+ for Desktop, Mobile, and Web

A Totally Integrated Church Management Solution

This update focuses on a number of user-facing enhancements that target specific modules and general program usage. Version 11 officially adds the Sales Orders program for point of sale and inventory management. It also provides special focus to Accounts Receivable and Roommate.

Highlights in CDM+ 11.0

Print to Excel and Numbers

Now it's easy to print in Excel or Numbers. Just one click and you have your data in Excel or Numbers to print or reformat in a manner familiar to your congregation or organization.



Re-arrange, rename, and hide tabs on record windows to customize CDM+ just how you like it.

Tab Enhancements


Find Fields

Build finds faster and easier with a new two-column field selection window featuring full keyboard support.


Audit Logging

Audit Logging allows you to see who made changes to a record and when.

Merged Custom Listing and Exports

Ranked Groups

Ranked Groups is a quick way to rearrange the order of names within a group. You can move any name to any position in the group without constraint.


Email Accounts Receivable

Now it's easy to send personalized receivable statements by email in one simple step!


What's New in CDM+ 11.0

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