January Survival Guide

With over 30 years serving churches and organizations, this isn't our first tax season. We understand the obstacles. We've experienced the frustrations. We know what you need to know.

We've put this January Survival Guide together in the hopes that it will help answer any questions that might arise and guide you through a challenging month with a few less bumps and bruises. Below you'll find a checklist to keep you organized and on track, links for tax forms, videos to help walk you through parts of the process, as well as, a schedule of upcoming webinars to do the same.

Deep breath. You got this. Let's go.



Below you will find a checklist PDF of CDM+ procedures to guide you through your year-end tasks. Use this checklist and time frames as suggestions only. Depending on the CDM+ programs you use and whether your accounting is done on a calendar or fiscal year, some items will not apply to you.

Year-End Checklist PDF downloadchecklist



Dynamic Systems® provides checks, forms and other business products—all guaranteed to be 100% compatible with CDM+ software. 

Order Tax Forms taxicon

Printing W-2's in Windows

Watch in fullscreen: press play arrow and then click on the square in the bottom right corner of the video frame.

Printing W-2's in macOS


Dynamic Systems® provides checks, forms and other business products—all guaranteed to be 100% compatible with CDM+ software. Be sure to order compliant RED INK 1099 forms if you plan to print 1099s instead of e-filing.

Order Tax Forms taxicon

Printing 1099's in Windows

Watch in fullscreen: press play arrow and then click on the square in the bottom right corner of the video frame.

Printing 1099's in macOS



Email Contributions Statements

This CDM+ video demonstrates how to email contributions statements.

Print Contributions Statements

This CDM+ video demonstrates how to print contributions statements.



CDM+ 11.0.1, scheduled for release in early January, will be required for full compatibility with the new 2020 W-4 form. Get ready for this update by updating to CDM+ 11 today.

CLICK HERE to upgrade to CDM+ 11.



All webinars will take place at 2pm EST and can be joined at this link: https://zoom.us/j/5416538945

Jan. 2 - Printing W-2's in Windows

Jan. 7 - Printing 1099's in Windows

Jan. 8 - Printing 1099's in macOS

Jan. 9 - Printing W-2's in macOS

Jan. 14Printing W-2's in Windows

Jan. 15 - Printing 1099's in Windows

Jan. 16Printing 1099's in macOS

Jan. 21 - Printing W-2's in macOS

Jan. 23 Contributions History and Archiving

Jan. 28 Contributions History and Archiving



Each January our clients revisit annual tasks and often need help getting them completed before the end of the month. As such, the month of January is our busiest in terms of call volume. We receive twice as many calls during January as the other months of the year.

We’ve put resources together on this site to help you succeed in your January tasks, but we also stand ready to give you help when you need it. Our goal is to ensure each call solves the issue at hand and minimizes your time waiting for a callback.

Here are some tips to help ensure you have the best experience possible when contacting us for help.

Call for urgent issues

When you need help you can either call or email our support team. We strive to answer emails within one business day, but our priority is phone calls first. If you have an urgent issue, we recommend calling for help. If you have a less-urgent issue or question that can be answered by email, please feel free to email instead of calling.

Email complete details

When sending a question through email please include as much detail as you can. Screenshots and PDFs of reports that illustrate the issue are most helpful. Because we do not monitor support emails live, having all the details in the first message will avoid time-consuming exchanges.

Please be sure to include complete information so we can locate your church or organization in our records. See “Leave complete voicemails below” for a list of this information.

Schedule calls in advance

If you have limited availability or need special personnel present for your call, such as an IT person or CPA, try scheduling a callback. Calls are prioritized based on when they are received, so calling on a Tuesday to schedule a callback on a Thursday will prioritize your call ahead of any calls that come in the day of the callback.

To schedule a callback, simply call our support line and let the receptionist know you’d like to schedule a call. While we can’t guarantee the exact minute we’ll call you back, a scheduled call is much more predictable and can often arrive within a 30-minute window.

Please don’t email to schedule a callback as emails are not as closely monitored during the day.

Save calls for February

We never want to encourage you to not contact us for help. However, if you have a project that can wait until February and you expect to need our help, it may be preferable to wait until the January rush is over to begin the project. This will ensure you can get timely help and succeed in your work.

Prefer low times over peak times

Our peak times for calls to arrive are Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Eastern time. If you have a choice for when to call, try calling closer to 8:30 a.m. or on a Friday for a shorter wait time to receive a callback.

Leave complete voicemails

We staff extra receptionists as well as support technicians during January. If you are unable to reach a receptionist, however, please be sure to include ALL this information in your voicemail:

  • Your church or organization’s name
  • Your church or organization’s city
  • Your church or organization’s mailing zip code
  • Your name
  • Your callback number
  • Your availability (see below)
  • A brief description of what you need help with

Let us know your availability

When you call or leave a voicemail, please let us know what times you are available that day and the next. We strive to answer every call the day it’s placed, but we may not be able to return calls from the mid-to-late afternoon until you’ve gone for the day. If we know you’ll be unavailable we will automatically move your callback to the next time you’re available. This rescheduling avoids the need to call us back which further delays getting you help.

In summary

We are ready and waiting to help you succeed in your January tasks. Our hope is these tips will help you succeed in January and get you complete solutions as quickly as possible.