Operations Engineer

Posted April 26, 2018

Suran Systems Inc. seeks a full-time engineer to manage and extend our IT operations across all areas of the company. This position offers exposure to a wide range of technologies, skills, and business areas. Skills in problem-solving and learning new technology are absolutely critical to this position. Candidates do not need extensive experience and will receive on-the-job education, training, and coaching to support their work and grow their professional portfolio.



Suran Systems colocates and manages a small fleet of servers to provide cloud services to our clients. We also run a number of internal servers and services for development, testing, and corporate use. Over time, we’ve migrated parts of our infrastructure into automated configuration management systems and virtual environments to improve speed and reduce issues deploying and maintaining these services. The Operations Engineer will be highly involved in continuing this migration and manage ongoing deployment and management of our IT infrastructure.

The Operations Engineer will also review and expand the security of our infrastructure, ensuring we meet and exceed industry standards for best practices in protecting our client and corporate data. They will also work to establish and revoke access to corporate accounts and servers and develop automated audits to ensure only the correct users can access systems.

Some after-hours work for deploying changes and performing maintenance is required. This time will be compensated from the standard work hours to ensure a consistent net time commitment from week to week. The Operations Engineer may also be responsible for receiving and managing after-hours alerts of infrastructure issues. This is a shared duty and the responsibilities will be made as convenient for the engineer’s schedule as possible.

Server Development

Because Suran Systems primarily develops data-driven management software, our database layer is a fundamental element to all our products. The Operations Engineer will extend and maintain the code used to manage the database server, such as providing automatic backups, migrating data between hosts, and providing fail-over capabilities.

The Operations Engineer will also maintain and expand our server product for clients who host their data in-house. This involves updating and enhancing the installer and diagnostic tools built into the server, and working remotely with clients to troubleshoot and solve problematic installations.

Data Services

The Operations Engineer will also work directly with client data. This provides a unique opportunity to be both a developer and user of our systems. The engineer will work directly with users to load data to our severs, extract data from corrupted servers, perform custom work to update data, and import data from 3rd-party products. Where possible, the engineer will automate or streamline these processes.

Personal Traits

  • A creative and objective mindset towards solving problems
  • Ability to understand systems and identify points of failure
  • Pays high attention to detail
  • Thoroughness in their work
  • A positive, friendly demeanor when working with customers
  • A passion to learn new technology and concepts
  • Willingness to respect the systems and conventions already established at Suran Systems, Inc., and confidence to offer critical analysis of these systems and suggest areas for improvement


  • Familiar with macOS and Windows environments (Linux is a plus)
  • Knowledge of basic networking hardware, software and protocols
  • Scripting and coding experience
  • Instructional and technical writing skills
  • Ability to create clear and useful diagrams

Bonus Skills

  • Experience working with remote server management is a plus
  • Experience with SaltStack or another configuration management tool is a plus
  • Familiarity with virtual environments is a plus
  • SQL and database management experience is a plus, especially with PostgreSQL
  • Experience with building desktop software installers for macOS and Windows is a plus
  • Experience with Nagios or other automated monitoring systems is a plus

Work Environment

  • Works out of our Versailles, KY headquarters
  • Can shift his/her work schedule on occasion to perform maintenance during system off-peak hours
  • Minimal travel once per year for Annual User’s Conference
  • Comfortable switching between a team environment and solo work
  • Full-time salaried position with full benefits
  • Suran provides a workspace and computer
  • Salary is negotiable based on experience

About Suran Systems, Inc.

Suran Systems, Inc. is an established software development company with 30+ years experience and a growing national and international user base primarily in the religious and non-profit industry.

How to Apply

Send a resume to jobs@suran.com to apply for this position.

Non-discrimination in employment and personnel practices is and shall be the policy of Suran Systems, Inc. All decisions affecting current or potential employees are made strictly on the basis of ability and performance of duties without regard to race, sex, age, religion, disability, ethnic origin, sexual orientation or marital status.