Note: CDM+ Mobile 2.1 requires CDM+ 10.0* or later and current enrollment in our Data Hosting Service (*some mobile features may be avaiable only with later releases of CDM+). CDM+ Mobile 2.1 works with any iDevice running iOS 9.0 or higher or any device running Android 5.0 or later. Device must be able to connect to the Internet through WiFi or 3G/4G.

CDM+ Mobile lets you view information for the individuals in your CDM+ database, track their attendance, enter and view visitation or pastoral records, and check children or adults in and out of events.

Easily Search for Individuals

Tap the search field to bring up a keyboard. Type in a first or last name, and CDM+ Mobile brings up a list of matching individuals. Tap to choose the person whose personal information you wish to view.

View Information on Individuals

Display a person's name, family members, photos, birth date and place, school, marriage date and place, work location and death information, if applicable. See phone numbers and e-mail addresses and an interactive map to the person's primary street address. Tap a phone number to dial the individual; tap an email address to compose and send an email.

Track Attendance

Take attendance for classes, groups and events for any date. Tap an individual to mark or un-mark his/her attendance, and your change is filed instantly in your database and will appear in standard CDM+ windows and reports.

View Attendance History

See an individual's complete attendance history for each group to which he or she belongs.

View Groups

View the membership of all groups to which you were given viewing access when your mobile device was set up in CDM+ User Management.

Perform Check-In or Check-Out

Perform check-in or check-out for your events from a tablet or smart phone. Search for the family you wish to check in by starting to type a name.

Confirm Check-In

Instantly see who needs badges after being checked in.