Presenting TNT for CDM+

We have added a new blog, Tips and Techniques (TNT), on the CDM+ Knowledge Base. On the blog, we will regularly add stories to demonstrate ways that you can take advantage of the features in your CDM+ program.

CDM+ Connections: Networks of Relationships

The division of labor that came with industrialization created organizations with distinct functional areas or departments. Each of these departments reported to a person or entity that was higher up, and so on until the top level was reached. These organizations used a hierarchical network for communication. Information flowed up and down in the hierarchy. With this flow of information, ministry often depended on the central location of the church building because that’s where the information was.

CDM+ Mobile 2.1 Now Available

CDM+ Mobile 2.1 was released on November 29. The latest release builds on the ways you can tap into the power of your CDM+ database to keep you connected with your ministry, especially when team members are doing ministry on the move. CDM+ Mobile is free for unlimited use with your data hosting subscription.

Test 6

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