All other CDM+ programs access information in the Membership database. Membership is where you maintain records for members, visitors and anyone else you wish to include, but it is much more than keeping track of names, addresses and phone numbers. CDM+ Membership puts the power of information at your fingertips.

Enter and access a wealth of information directly

It's intuitive from the Address Records Window!

View and organize lots of data

Do it in a snap with the spread-sheet-like Address Field Maintenance screen.

Track Participation

CDM+ Attendance makes it easy to record and evaluate the participation of people in the life of your church.

Send e-mails directly

Send SMTP authenticated e-mails, with or without attachments.

Get a map and directions

Use the MapQuest® hot button to get a map and driving directions to any address in CDM+ — instantly.

Easily transfer visitors

Easy one-click transfer moves all visitor information to Membership