More About CDM+ Web Ministry Tools

Features of CDM+ Web Ministry Tools:

    Easy to Use
  • Add tools to your website with one line of code
  • After adding a tool, you don’t need to edit the website code to make changes
  • Information updates automatically as you make changes in your CDM+ program
    Safe and Secure
  • Multiple levels of password protection available
  • Individuals can set-up password without interacting with your staff
  • Tools are displayed over a secure connection
  • Point-and-click editor lets you design your tools to fit your needs
  • Set each tool’s size, color scheme, fonts, etc.
  • Create an unlimited number of tools

Types of CDM+ Web Ministry Tools:

    Basic Tools
  • Basic tools let people retrieve and view data from your CDM+ database.
  • Examples of Basic tools include online member directories or calendars of events.
  • Your staff changes data and people view it online.
  • Included with a CDM+ Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) enrollment
    Premium Tools
  • People can retrieve and input information on your database.
  • For example, event registration allows people to register and pay for an event online. The registration and payment is immediately filed in CDM+.
    Both types of tools are sold by subscription and are linked to specific CDM+ programs.

Who benefits from Web Ministry Tools?

    Your congregation, visitors, clergy and small group leaders to name a few.
  • Church secretaries can lighten their load, as group leaders can access membership information online instead of asking the secretary to print them a report.
  • Church members and visitors can look at the church calendar at any time.
  • Individuals can register for retreats or Vacation Bible School and even pay with their credit cards over a secure server.
  • Anyone can can make an online gift to one or more funds with a credit card over a secure server AND the contribution can be automatically entered in CDM+.
  • AND, it’s low maintenance. After an initial simple change to your website, there is no editing involved. CDM+ users just work as usual and their changes automatically update on the website.

Our developers are working on even more tools to make your life easier!

How Web Ministry Tools Works:

Web Ministry Tools integrates your CDM+ data and your website. These four steps show you how to get started.

    A) Begin with an existing website. It doesn’t matter if you use a web-development program like Microsoft Frontpage or DreamWeaver, hand-code your website, hire a developer to build your site, or use a template-based website builder. If you or your website developer can add a simple snippet of HTML, CDM+ Web Ministry Tools works with your website.
    B) Sign up for CDM+ Data Hosting Service (or otherwise make your CDM+ database accessible to the Internet).
    C) Sign up for the CDM+ Web Ministry Tools service. Our user-friendly administration program allows you to set up new tools, configure what information will appear on them, and style them to match your existing website. Don’t worry—you don’t have to know CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML or any confusing web technology. Our point-and-click editor allows you to see live changes to the look and feel of your tool as you customize it.
    D) Publish your Web Ministry Tool on your website. Changes made in CDM+ (B) are automatically displayed on your website (A). You don’t have to update any HTML or go through a posting process. CDM+ Web Ministry Tools does all the work for you.



Sample Tools

Customize tools to meet your needs and match your website.

    The Giving Tool is a premium tool that allows anyone to give a secure, one-time gift online and have that gift automatically entered into CDM+ Contributions.


    The Giver Portal is a premium tool that lets church members who are tied to giving units create accounts from which they can manage recurring gifts and view their giving history.


    Event Registration is a premium tool that lets members and guests enroll and pay for single events. Administrators and registrants will find this tool easy to set up and use.


    Directories are basic tools that safely publish specific information from your database. Administrators control the accessibility of various data and can set up password protection for extra privacy.
    Create custom directories just for you. Member contact info. (below), birthdays, baptism records and care groups are just some of the possibilities.


    The Calendar Tool is a basic tool that displays events from CDM+ Roommate in a standard calendar view -- weekly and daily views are possible in addition to the standard monthly view. You may choose to show events for your entire church or minister or just events for youth or choir, for example. You may have as many calendars as you wish.


    The Event Listing Tool is a basic tool that displays a day’s events from CDM+ Roommate. Create lists of events for youth groups, office vacations, classes, choirs (below) and more . . .


    . . . or show events for the entire church at once (below).



    Administrator's System Requirements:
  • Must be a CDM+ Data Hosting user or otherwise make your CDM+ database available to the Internet
  • Internet connection (high speed recommended)
  • Supported browsers: View list here
  • The latest version of CDM+
  • Some Web Ministry Tools may require purchasing additional CDM+ programs
    Requirements for Visitors to Your Website:
  • Most modern browsers will work