Is my computer compatible with CDM+ online training?

CDM+ live online training sessions, both individual and group, use a web-based product called Glance to share the trainer's computer screen with the attendees. Glance uses a technology called Java. You need to have a compatible version of Java installed on your computer.

You can verify your computer is able to view Glance sessions by visiting the Can You Glance? page on the Glance website. In the box under "Guests," click "Join a live (automated) session now." Within a few moments, you should see a screen with an orange bar and the message, "You are viewing a real Glance session from our live PC screen in Boston." If you do not see this message, follow the instructions on that page to correct the problem.

NOTE: The Can You Glance? page may suggest that you "Get Glance." It is not necessary to install Glance to participate in CDM+ online training.