A bride wants the fellowship hall for her reception. Can you tell her immediately if the room is available? Can you promise her 15 tables and 90 chairs? Who will make sure the room is set up and ready? If there is a conflict or question, do you know who to contact? With CDM+ Roommate Facilities Manager, you have the answers to all these questions and more! CDM+ Roommate is an event calendar, plus resource and contact managers, in one easy-to-use, powerful program.

Tell at a glance what's going on when

Rooms on the calendar are color coded for quick recognition.

Don't fight over tables and chairs!

Know at once if something's available and where it's kept (as well as what it's worth and when it was purchased)

Add or change events with ease

It's as easy as drag and drop.

Eliminate scheduling conflicts

CDM+ Roommate alerts you on the fly when you try to create a conflicting event.

Save time with handy shortcuts

Define and assign room setups, such as classroom or banquet hall, to use again.

See multiple calendars and sub-calendars at once

Choose only the calendars and sub-calendars that affect you, and hide the rest for an uncluttered view.

Respect privacy concerns

CDM+ Roommate includes password protection and access limits (because not everyone needs to know everything!)