How do I add email addresses to my Yearbook Directory?


Ultimately, adding email addresses to your Yearbook Directory only takes two extra steps:

  1. You need to add the Other Phones field to the design grid, and
  2. Select the email types you want to display.

Let’s start from the beginning: Open a Year-book Directory and select the format under the Standard tab and click the Edit button.

The Modify yearbook Directory window will open. Click the Item Settings button and select the Fields tab.

Choose the Other Phones field and drag and drop the field onto the Yearbook design grid. With the field still selected (black squares showing around the field), open the Item Settings window again and choose the Options tab.

Select the other phone types (in this case Address Emails or Individual Emails) you want to display and then click the Select Types button (it is very important that you select the types).

In the Select Phone Types window, choose the phone types (in this case email addresses) you want to display and then click OK.

Click Save, and the email types you selected will appear in your Yearbook Directory.

Get instructions with screen shots.