What to say when you call support

Picture it. You’re working right along in CDM+, and suddenly, something isn’t working the way it usually does. What do you do? You reach for your phone and speed-dial CDM+ Support. But now what?

First, our receptionist will ask you some questions to gather information about who you are and the nature of your problem. If a technician is available, you will be transferred immediately. If a technician is not available, the receptionist will place you on a call list. It is our policy to return calls in the order in which they were received.

Each time you call, the receptionist will ask you to do the following:

  • Provide the mailing zip code for your church or organization
  • Provide your name, or the name of the person the tech should ask for when they return the call
  • Verify/Provide a phone number
  • Provide the area of the program (such as Membership, Accounting, Contributions, etc.) in which you are having trouble. The receptionist might also ask you some follow-up questions about your problem so she can pass on the information to the tech support staff.


The wait time for people on our call list varies depending on our call volume. However, you can help us serve you better by giving the receptionist a little more information. Below are some common circumstances that arise and what you should tell the receptionist if they apply to you:

  • If you need a response by a certain time, tell the receptionist your deadline.
  • If your issue is not pressing, tell the receptionist how long you will be available that day and the hours you will be available the next time you are in the office.
  • If you missed a call from the CDM+ tech staff, call the support line again and tell the receptionist that you missed the call. If a tech is not available, you will be put back on the call list at your original call time, essentially regaining your spot in line.


    There may be some occasions that require an appointment with one of our technicians. For example, if a tech or IT person will be at your office and will need help from our support staff, an appointment made in advance is your best option. When you call, tell the receptionist you need to schedule an appointment with tech support. All appointments must be confirmed with Tech Support Manager Terry Hatmaker. The more advance notice you can give us, the better.

    Our goal is to provide the best technical support possible for our users. The CDM+ Tech Support staff is committed to giving the time it takes to meet your technical needs. If you have comments or suggestions on how we can improve our technical support, please email them to support@cdmplus.com.