Effective training enhances ministries – Group Online Training

CDM+ Group Online Training classes provide instruction from a live trainer and interaction with real classmates without ever leaving your office! How does it work? Class participants go to a website where they can log in to a session and view the instructor’s computer screen. It is not necessary to have CDM+ installed on the computer you use for the training. You also will need a long-distance phone line, which you will use to hear and interact with the instructor and other participants in the class.

You can make this affordable and effective training option an even greater value by using a speakerphone. Gather your staff in a conference room with a speakerphone and computer (projector optional) and you can train them all at the same time for the same price. Speaking of price, enrollment in online classes costs $35 or 1 training credit (except the Fundamentals of CDM+ class which is FREE). You can view your training credit balance when you register for classes online. The cost of the long-distance call is not included in the registration fees.

Each class is one hour and classes are generally scheduled between 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Eastern time. When registering, remember that all class times are listed in Eastern time.

Each class covers a set course of material. For a list of more than 40 class descriptions, click here.

To see the currently scheduled classes, click here. Note: You will need your login information to see the schedule. Not sure what your login information is? Call 800-633-9581.

If you are looking for a class that is not currently scheduled, please email training@cdmplus.com.

We want you to get the most out of your online training experience. Here are a few tips:


  • You will be sent an email 24 hours before the class. Read all the instructions carefully and review the computer compatibility requirements on our website (click here).
  • Arrange to have someone else cover the church office and/or phones while you are in class. Remember that other participants can hear any background noise during class.
  • Reviewing the manual for the program covered in your class ahead of time will enhance your understanding during class, especially if you are a new user. Access program manuals in CDM+ by clicking the Support menu at the top and selecting Browse Manuals.
  • Be on time, but not too early. Log in to a session no more than 5 minutes before the set class time.


  • Don’t hesitate to participate. The instructor frequently stops for questions and is open to questions at any time during the class.


  • Provide feedback. You can email suggestions or comments about your online training experience to training@cdmplus.com.

CDM+ Online Group Training classes effectively train your staff to enhance your ministry. Visit
to learn more and register today!