Find Results List column options

One of the most powerful features of CDM+ is the record frame window found throughout the program. Address Records, Ledger Entries, Giving Unit Information—these are all record frame windows that allow you to find and manipulate information in CDM+.

When you perform a find in a record frame window—for example, finding address records where "receives newsletter" is "yes"—CDM+ gives you a list of results that match your search. This list, called the “find results list,” has several default columns that can easily be changed. Add more columns to see more information at a glance, or change column order to put more important information first.

Click Window Options and you’ll see a list with the columns for the find results list. Use the empty line at the bottom of the list to select a new column to include in the list, and use the arrows and delete “X” buttons to move and remove columns. Changes you make in this list will only affect you. If you have other CDM+ users in your office, they will have their own column selections.

In the next issue of The CDM+ Connection, the Time-saver Tip column will further explore the columns on the find results list.