Find Results List sorting options

In the last issue, we explored how to change the columns on the find results list in CDM+ record frame windows. Beyond showing you more information at a glance, these columns have several useful features.

After finding some records, you can click a column header to sort the results list by that column. Click once to sort in ascending order (A, B, C; 1, 2, 3; 01/01/2008, 02/01/2008, 03/01/2008 etc.). Click the column header again to sort in descending order (C, B, A; 3, 2, 1; 03/01/2008, 02/01/2008, 01/01/2008 etc.).

After you sort the find results list by a column, you can click any line of the list and use your keyboard to search it by that column. So, if you sort a list by Last Name, click the list and type the first few letters of a last name to jump to it in the list. If the record you want is several lines away, simply use the up and down arrow keys to move to it. This type-to-search feature works on any column, not just the first one in the list.